#Grillfella BBQ Wok Review

I received a free GrillFella BBQ Wok in exchange for my honest opinions.

Grilling¬†happens almost on a weekly basis in our house, and cold weather doesn’t hold us down. We’ve been lucky to have a pretty warm Winter, but we even had a BBQ party in the middle of the snow last year. What better way is there to keep warm while we watch the kids run around in the snow, right?

Ben loves to man the grill, but lately he has turned grill duty over to me when it’s time to put the veggies on. I don’t mind grilling, but it can be a hassle when I’m trying to fix other food items in the kitchen and wrangle two kids. It would be much easier if he would grill everything, but he has an issue with the vegetables. They aggravate him because they fall through the grill, and we often end up losing at least a third of them.¬†

Now we have a solution to our vegetable woes. I just tested out the GrillFella BBQ Wok, and it’s just what we needed. This vegetable grilling basket keeps all of our vegetables safe and secure without worrying about them falling into a bed of charcoal. The included separator allows you to create multiple compartments inside the wok which is great for my picky eaters who won’t eat anything that has touched an onion. This also means you can grill vegetables on one side of the BBQ Wok and smaller chunks of meat on the other without the two mixing.

grillfella bbq wok

Originally I sliced up our peppers and zucchini into separate compartments, but I ended up removing the divider. This gave us room to toss the veggies around, and the high sides of the GrillFella kept the veggies from falling out. I like my vegetables to be caramelized and mushy almost to the point of no return, so Ben left them on the grill in the wok while he grilled our chicken. Then he placed the divider back into the wok and used the then empty compartment to transport the grilled chicken inside. This saved me from dirtying an extra platter for the chicken.

grillfella bbq wok

Needless to say GrillFella has a new fan! If you’re looking for a solution to keep your veggies safe and secure during grilling I highly recommend giving the GrillFella BBQ Wok a try.