It’s Raining It’s Pouring…

Daddy and the baby are snoring! Well, at least Daddy is. Aubrey is quietly napping, and Ellie is bouncing around in the living room watching The Little Mermaid. It’s too wet and nasty to do anything outside, so I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon cleaning.

At least we got to enjoy some time in the in-law’s new pool yesterday even it if was dark before we made it there.  My little cousin’s baby shower was yesterday, so we spent most of the day stuffing our faces on pink cupcakes, watching the kids play, and discussing how things will change for her now that she’s going to have two kids to chase. When the shower was over we grabbed a bite to eat and headed towards the in-laws for our late night swim.

As soon as Aubrey sees the pool she starts screaming “bath” and gets excited. She is a total fish. Ellie, on the other hand, isn’t happy unless she’s strapped into her life jacket and sitting in a pool ring.  I want her to be comfortable with the water and learn to swim, but I’m not going to push her out of her comfort zone anytime soon.  She’s been to the lake a few times with us, but she hasn’t had much experience in water over her head. The idea of floating around scared her so much it took a lot of coaxing just to get her in the pool in the first place, but when it’s time to get out we now have to beg her to leave.  She’s getting there, and soon we will be starting the swimming lessons at her own pace.

For now I’m going to be happy we spent some time outside yesterday before we drove home to the massive amounts of rain. We got 5″ in 2 hours last night, and I stopped counting after that. Ben emptied our kiddie pool Friday morning, but in a matter of hours yesterday it was full again from all the rain. I think I’m going to drain it in a bit and retire it for the Summer. With the new pool at the in-laws I doubt the girls will be getting much use out of our little one anytime soon, and I don’t need to be breeding mosquitoes and tadpoles in my backyard! We’ve got enough trouble with the mosquitoes from all the rain this year!

Now I better get started on my cleaning list before Aubrey wakes up or I’ll never get anything done. I hear the laundry pile calling my name.