A Snow Day Carolina Style

It’s late at night, and I’m curled up with a cup of hot chocolate trying to get warm. The wood stove is blazing, so the house is nice and toasty, but I’m chilled to the bone. Maybe it’s a good thing we only see snow once or twice a year because I feel like my body just isn’t up for lots of the cold stuff anymore.

We were projected to get between 5-8″ in our area, but we ended up with about 4″ by morning. Nothing stuck until the really heavy snow moved in really quickly. The ground was still just too warm, and once it did stick the layer of snow touching the ground kept turning to slush as more snow packed on top. Around 11pm I measured 4 1/2″ of snow near the porch. At 1am I measured a little over 3″ in the same area with the snow underneath melting away. Honestly I’m happy we didn’t get anymore than that. I’m that southern girl that loves to watch the snow coat everything to a pretty white, but I’m ready to see it disappear within a couple days!

I’ve reached a point in my life where I would rather sit back and enjoy the snow through the eyes of my children, but I did man up and head outside a few times today. We built a snowman family, and Ben made sure they are all proportional to our current heights. Then “Mama Snow Girl” lost her head, so we’ll have to fix it in the morning. Ellie really got a kick out of that!

Aubrey was about 7 months old during her “first” snowfall last year, and she was just getting over a stomach virus when our first snowstorm hit a few days ago. I took her outside just long enough to touch snow and take a few photos.


Today was the first time she really got to enjoy snow while Ellie deemed herself a “snow pro” lol. A lot of it had melted away by the time we got to go outside to play, but it didn’t make a difference to the kids.

Ellie was on a mission to make snowballs as fast as she could before switching to snow angels. She helped us with the snowman family then plopped down on her belly and said “Mama, take a picture of me swimming in snow!”


Aubrey tried her best to run through the snow and quickly learned how easy it is to slide down the hills in her snow suit. She eventually gave up on moving around in the snow at all and stood in one spot to munch on the snow she could scoop with her little hands.


Aubrey loves eating ice (it’s a phase, not pica!), so once she tasted the snow it was over. She tried shoving fistfuls of snow in her mouth, and I decided it was then time to go inside for some snow cream. Ellie insisted we had to make it “just like a snow cone”, so that’s what we did.


Ellie decided it wasn’t fair we got to enjoy snow while her grandparents a couple counties over didn’t get any. They were expecting the same amount of snow as us, but they ended up with nothing but rain. Ellie decided we should take them some snow then decided it would be better if we had a snowball fight. After lunch we packed some snowballs into bags and made a special delivery to the grandparents house where Ellie and Ben proceeded to have a snowball fight with Aunt Kristina. 


I didn’t get any housework done today. I didn’t get any “work” work done today, but I could care less. I was super blessed to have this time to enjoy my family today! The snow will have all melted away by the end of the day tomorrow, but the memories of seeing the joy on my childrens’ faces will remain.