Missing My Violin

We’ve had a lot of downs lately, so any little bright spot is much welcomed. A few years ago I let my (at the time) step brother borrow my violin so he didn’t have to buy one to play in the school orchestra. It was sitting in the closet collecting dust for the most part, and I only played it once or twice a year. That didn’t mean it wasn’t special to me. My dad bought my sister and I our violins when we were in school because we both loved being in the orchestra so much, and they were to be something to pass on to our own kids one day if they chose the same musical path. My dad begged me to let him borrow it because they couldn’t afford to buy him a new one at the time, and the deal was it was to be returned to me either when he purchased his own or when he graduated/decided not to play anymore.

Fast forward to last year. My Dad and his ex wife split in a very nasty divorce. She did some really disgusting things with his belongings, ruining a lot of them, and she even buried my daughter’s photos in a box full of chicken manure. I already knew when it came time for her to return my violin (ordered by the judge), it wouldn’t happen, and it never did.  She sent out a pretty nasty message to her Facebook friends about how the person who let them borrow it was being nasty and taking it back, and she had people at work raise money for her to buy him a new one. Still she never returned mine. She did buy him a new one, and I can only speculate as to what happened to mine. I feel like she probably traded it in towards the purchase of his so she didn’t have to use all the money that was raised to buy his, but like I said I don’t know that for sure. It’s only a theory.  I could have taken her to small claims court over it and gotten at least the cash value back, but I don’t have receipts from the purchase. I was 12 when my Dad bought it for me, and his receipts were long gone. Instead I decided to let it go and eventually purchase another violin when I could afford to, but buying one hasn’t been an option for me with the financial year we’ve had.

Then today I got some great news. A friend of mine has a violin she is giving away, and she asked if I would like it have it. Of course I said yes! It’s been awhile since I played, but I would love to have it. I honestly miss that feeling of running the bow over the strings. I would love to teach my daughter’s to play when they’re big enough to handle a full size violin. She doesn’t have any accessories for it, but those I can pick up cheap. She said it also needs a new bow, so I’m going to check to see if musciansfriend carries any replacements. If not I know I can get one at the local music store, but I’m hoping I can find one cheaper somewhere.  Honestly her phone call put me on cloud 9, though. I really have missed my violin.