Feeling The Christmas Spirit

The Sausage Balls are out of the oven. That means Christmas has finally arrived at the Shusterman house, and it seems to be hitting us with full force this year. Of course the girls are excited. Aubrey will be 18 months tomorrow (wait…today! It’s after midnight!), so this year she’s big enough to ooh and aah over Christmas lights and such, too.

I had planned to start my decorating a little early this year knowing how busy we always are during the holidays. I will never be that chick that has her Christmas tree up and lights hung by Halloween (I’ll save that one for one particular lady we know), but I did want to have things ready to go after Thanksgiving.

Alas, I didn’t get a single decoration up until December. Oh how I forget how fast the weeks fly before Christmas! Then my dad called and asked if we were ready for our tree. He has a friend who owns a tree farm in Cashiers, NC, so Daddy decided to start a new tradition last year of buying the trees for his grand kids. We always have a real tree anyway (minus the 2 years we won’t talk about) because my Daddy always told us “if it ain’t real you might as well not even have a tree!” Ellie has been so excited to get her tree she called him back and said she wanted the fattest tree he could find, and boy did he make her wish come true!


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The dang tree is so fat (but beautiful!) we couldn’t put it in the living room as usual. We had to move the dining table to the kitchen and dedicate the entire dining room to just the tree! Our lights and decorations also look pretty puny on that big ‘ole tree, but the girls are in love. That just means I need to put Ellie to work on making some extra special decorations this year. Plus the tree is only decorated from about the middle up by this point as my 2 foot wonder made sure everything within her reach came off asap. Thank the lord for plastic ornaments!

So yeah, our tree is up, the girls are happy, and even Mr. Bah Humbug Ben is feeling the Christmas spirit this year. He’s happily enjoying my Christmas music and helped me make the sausage balls tonight after the girls went to bed. Then again he’s happy to do anything to get a fresh from the oven batch of sausage balls.  Now “Santa” is on a mission to get a few more presents ready to go under the tree before time runs out. I honestly can’t believe Christmas is only 11 days away!