Ellie Turns 5 With A Sheriff Callie Party

My precious Elliana is 5…yes, FIVE!

Elliana turns 5

How did that happen? Yeah, I blinked and all that, but I seriously never expected 5 years old to hit this soon. It seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital 5 weeks early and bringing my precious little preemie into this world.

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a party on Saturday with her cousin, Xander, and a few of Ellie’s friends. Ellie is absolutely in love with Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, so we tried our best to try to give her a Sheriff Callie theme on a very very limited budget. There just aren’t any Sheriff Callie decorations out in the stores yet, and most of the ones I found online were out of my budget. I did make a few decorations myself that printed and hung around, but mostly she was happy with cowboy/cowgirl stuff. 

The big hit of the party was an appearance by Ellie’s pony, Silver, for pony rides. The kids were absolutely enamored with him, and I was super happy that we found a great way to give the kiddos some free entertainment. Thank you Papa Clyde for buying a pony for your grand-babies! All the kids took turns petting Silver and feeding him a carrot with Uncle Donovan before lining up for rides around the yard.

Petting and feeding the pony at birthday party

Birthday Fun Feeding Pony

Watching Ellie ride around the yard on her pony in her cowgirl gear brought back so many memories from my childhood and riding my own pony, Starbrite.

Sheriff Ellie riding her pony, Silver

I had made up a few games to play, but the kids were so in love with Silver they didn’t care for anything else. When it was finally time to give Silver a rest the kids took turns beating the daylights out of a pinata that wanted to break in every way but open! We had to redneck tie it to the tree multiple times before we gave up and let the kids beat and kick it across the yard. I think they really had more fun doing that, and even the babies got in on the action!

We ended the party with presents and cupcakes and a bunch of tired but happy children. Ellie had a great time, and days later she’s still talking about how her 5th birthday was the “bestest day ever”, and that’s all I could ever hope for!