Keep Your Fingers Crossed

If you have been following my job situation, you know I have been searching for a new job for quite some time. I began my search before Christmas, and I have had absolutely no luck in finding anything. The job market in my area is very slim to say the least. I have been searching for something in an office or computer related field. I’m currently stuck in a manufacturing plant, and it’s just not for me. What can I say? I love computers, and I would prefer to work with them everyday. So, onto my latest news.

Last night we were visiting with friends, just hanging out, playing guitar hero which is extremely fun by the way, and just talking about everything that’s been changing in our lives over the past year. My cousin mentioned that his job has been going great, and the company is expanding. He said he’s looked everywhere for a new computer tech, but isn’t having any luck finding anyone who actually knows what they’re doing. He’s got a lot of applicants, but even the ones fresh out of college don’t really fit the job. He’s looking for someone experienced in computer repair, with or without a degree to take customer calls and do computer repair.

I just looked at him with this omg this is the perfect job why haven’t you told me about it look. It took him a minute for things to register, but once he picked up on exactly why I was giving him such a weird face, he went straight to his car, got me an application, and told me to email my resume to him today. We spent a good hour discussing everything about the job, and he said he couldn’t believe he forgot I was looking for something because he knows the job would be perfect for me. After all, he’s an IT guy, but I’ve had to fix his computer a couple of times when he thought he’d looked at every possible option but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He was just over thinking the problem. So, it looks like I’m on my way to getting that new job I’ve been looking for, in a field I want, working with great people, oh and they’ll pay for me to finish the few classes I need this summer to have my comp tech degree under my belt.

Can we all give a big woohooo?