Music Of My Life

If you’re interested in what music I listen to, I have added my widget to my sidebar. Let me mention that not all the music that have been recently played is from me. The best sound system in the house is linked to my computer while *giggles* my hubby is stuck with a cheap $5 set of headphones on his, so more and more I find my hubby and his friends invading my comp to listen to music.

The weekends bring a huge variety of genres as we have friends in and out all the time. I think it’s interesting just to track the different music that one diverse group of friends can listen to. Most of the EDM (trance, techno, breaks in better terms for those of you who don’t know) comes from me along with a majority of the rap. If you want a better list, feel free to click the widget to view my complete profile.

I’ll definitely be updating this list with a player as soon as I find one that fits with the theme of my blog, but for now, if you would like to listen to some of my favorites, I have a working mp3 player loaded with a few of my faves on my myspace profile.