Myspace Bans Sex Offenders

I just heard something on the news that I felt was definitely worth sharing.  If you haven’t already seen it, I do have a Myspace profile.  I’ve been using Myspace for a few years now actually.  One of my friends invited me when the site first launched.  That was before all the 12 year olds pretending to be 18 showed up and caused a big scene.  I think there’s nothing wrong with the community where adults are concerned, but there are definitely too many children, and yes if you’re under 18 I still consider you a child, hanging around the site.

Now the place is crawling with underage kids doing bad things and sexual predators taking advantage of that.  What I just heard was that Myspace has implemented a code to ban registered sex offenders from their services.  The day it launched over 100 accounts were deleted of registered users proven to be sex offenders.  That’s a little scary, and that’s exactly why I think they should be strict on who is allowed to register.  You are supposed to be at least 14 to register, and if you are under 18 your profile is supposed to be private, but there are plenty of kids who will lie about their age to make their profile public, so keeping sexual predators off the site is a definite plus!