Buying What You Need Now

Have you ever needed to buy something, but you didn’t have the cash right then? Maybe it’s something you really need, and you know you’ll have the cash next month, but you need it right now. I’ve been in that situation many times, and I’ve always turned to stores that offer charge card accounts for that particular store. One store like that is Luther Sales. They carry tons of items you might needs like Bedding, Furniture, Appliances, and Electronics as well as some items you might just like to have like jewelry or video games.

What I like is how Luther Sales offers a 25% discount to charge card members who pay their balances within 90 days. This is a great way to build up your personal credit. Buying computers on credit then paying them off withing 90 days would help your credit a lot.

I really need a new stove right now. Mine is an old Hotpoint from the 1970s that’s falling apart. Only one eye is currently working, so yeah I’d say it’s time for a new stove. I could really use Luther Sales finance plan to afford the stove I need now instead of having to use 1 eye for a little longer while I wait for cash I know I’ll have next month.

Luther Sales also offers special programs for Active Duty Military, Federal Civilian, and Municipal Workers, so be sure to check out those plans if you qualify. You might save a few extra bucks.