Warm But Thin Clothing

It might not be cold here yet, but I know it will be soon, and I really need to buy some more sweaters and pullovers for the winter. I’m sitting here this morning in my favorite wool pullover because it’s freezing in the house even though it’s going to be 73 today.

My biggest problem is that most of my winter clothing consists of really thick sweaters and pullovers, and I’m in need of something that’s going to still be warm but thin. Now that I’m wearing my motorcycle jacket at least 2-3 times a week I’m having a hard time finding warm clothing that will fit under my jacket when I’ve got my thermal liner in.

I was just checking out a site that sells stuff like cashmere jumpers and Wool overs. The site is Woolovers.com, and I’m really going to have to go back through their selection when I’ve got some cash on hand. I’ve already found a ton of wool and cashmere sweaters that look extremely warm, but are still thin enough to wear under my motorcycle jacket. I love finding sites like this who understand and cater to those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors.