Blazer’s Back But Lookin’ Jacked Up

I’m so fucking pissed right now! Hubby couldn’t take off work this morning to pick up the Blazer, so my dad picked it up for us and met hubby in Cashiers this afternoon to trade vehicles. Hubby drove straight back to the job site, and then took a few minutes to inspect the Blazer. He called me pissed. The body shop did the shittiest job I’ve ever seen. The bumper is visibly lopsided, and there’s a 2″ gap on the left side of it. When he opened the back hatch, he had to slam it to make it latch. The roof wasn’t damaged in the wreck, but there’s big scratch marks from where they installed the back glass, and they didn’t bother to paint it.

When hubby went to load up his tools to come home, he laid the back seat down only to have a bunch of glass fall out. They didn’t even vacuum the glass out of the car! Our spare tire attaches inside the cargo hold, and the plastic piece behind it was completely missing. My dad did explain that. He said that the plastic piece hasn’t come in yet, so the shop owner said he’d call us to bring it back by so they can install that piece when it shows up. Still they should have ordered that part in December. It should have been here a long time ago!

I tried to call the shop, but by the time hubby got the Blazer from my dad it was after 4, so they were already closed. I called the insurance adjuster and left a message basically demanding he either come out or send someone else out to take photos of how it looks now because I’m not driving a car that came out of the shop looking like this.

I’ll take some photos tomorrow during the daylight. My camera was completely dead, so I didn’t get to snap any today. I also called my dad, and he wasn’t too happy either. He said when he picked it up it was right at lunchtime, so he paid the guy, got the keys, and they locked up and left the shop while he was giving his girlfriend the ok to leave. He didn’t even have a time to look at it before the guys at the shop were already gone.

And to think when hubby talked to the shop owner Friday about picking up the Blazer the owner had the nerve to tell him Nationwide would be calling us in a few days to find out how the shop’s service was, and they’d appreciate it if we gave them a 10.

There ain’t no way in hell I’m giving them a 10. They don’t even deserve a 2! They will be fixing this shit or they’ll be giving me my deductible back. I didn’t pay $500 to have my car sit in the shop over a month, then come out looking all jacked up. In the words of Rob Dyrdek my Blazer’s looking all “ghetto and shifty and shit”.

Good god this just means my Blazer’s going to spend even more time in the shop. 2008 is turning out to be the shittiest year ever!

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  1. OOOOOOO. crap.
    Since it is the shop’s fault…….try for a rental – on their tab.
    The only body shop I used was recommended by Geico……which-if I used any of the shops they have as preferred centers then I also have a full (i think lifetime i own the car) guarantee on any work they do.
    Hopefully the blazer gets fixed RIGHT and SOON!

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