A Week of Blindness

Boy am I glad it’s Friday!  After the week I’ve had I’m ready for the weekend and a relaxing one at that.  I get to spend all weekend at home just chilling with the family since I won’t be going to my class reunion.  I wanted to go, but we had family coming into town, and I was going to skip the reunion to spend time with them instead.

Now our family isn’t coming in this weekend, and even if I did want to fork over the cash for tickets it’s too late to get them for the reunion anyway.  The way I see it just about everyone I care to speak to from High School is a friend of mine on Facebook anyway, so I’ll keep my $60 and relax at home instead.  After the circumstances of this week I can’t afford the tickets anyway.

Yesterday was quite hectic as I woke up at7am to Hubby cursing before he even made it out of bed.  Hubby rolled over to get his glasses when his alarm went off, and when he picked them up they fell apart in his hand.  Since Hubby is practically blind as a bat without them he had to take the day off to fix the situation.  His glasses prescription was also well past it’s expiration, so he had to go through the eye exam and the whole nine yards to get a new pair.  I’m not complaining about that since it’s something I’ve been trying to get him to do for quite awhile now.

I just hate that stuff like this always tends to happen when we’re already having a tight week.  I already knew I’d have to break out the change to roll to make it until next Friday thanks to a heavy bill week and Hubby’s new pay schedule, and this just threw another loop into it.  We had to borrow what we needed for his exam and glasses, so now we have to owe someone yet again when I’m trying my best to become completely debt free.  I hate owing people, especially family.

While Hubby was busy at his appointment that I had to take him to since he can’t see to drive Ellie and I needed something to do.  The only place that could work Hubby in without having to drive to Greenville was the Vision Center in Walmart, and I didn’t feel like walking around Walmart for an hour with Ellie.  My Grandma had given me $20 towards getting some new photos of Ellie made, so that’s what we did.  I’ll write another post about that as I want to do a review, and this post is rather long already.

The good news is Hubby will have his new glasses, Ellie has new photos, and everything will be fine.  The bad news is the glasses won’t be here for a week to a week and a half, so we had to figure out something since there’s no way to repair the broken ones.  We were able to temporarily tape them back together enough for him to wear at work.  He definitely can’t miss a week of work due to blindness!

After we finally made it home yesterday we visited my Grandpa for his birthday, and then we all came home rather tired.  Ellie had missed her late afternoon nap, so around 8:30 she was ready to sleep.  I knew if I didn’t lie down with her she would think she was taking a nap and wake up in 40 minutes leading to another late night, so I curled up on the bed with her.  The next thing I knew it was 6:45am, and Hubby’s alarm was going off.  At least the day wore us out enough for me to finally get one great night of rest.  We all needed it very much.

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