Cat Scratches & Yellow Jackets

Today has been one of those days that I wish we could have avoided all together. Seriously I would rather sit through ten Forex training seminars than have a repeat of this day.  I’m so glad it has finally come to an end for most of the household. I’ll be up for a bit longer, but I’m going to enjoy some much needed quiet time while everyone else sleeps.

I was up off and on all night last night with Ellie as she’s teething again, and nothing would console her. We went through just about every teething remedy I could think of, but my poor little munchkin was still miserable. I think the longest stint she slept was about 3 hours this morning, and then she was right back up at 8am crabby and miserable again.

She spent most of the morning crying and clinging to me, and when nap time rolled around she refused to nap. Things continued like this most of the day with the exception of about 10 minutes right after lunch when she was feeling good enough to want to play in the floor by herself. My step mom gave her my step brother’s old fisher price farm, and she absolutely loves it. She sat there for a good 10 minutes playing quietly, so I decided I’d take the opportunity to rest on the couch for a minute while watching her play.

No sooner than I sat down chaos occurred. I don’t know what the heck was going on with the cat, but he came running across the room and pounced on Ellie! She was sitting there with her back to me, and the cat attacked her from behind. I jumped up off the couch and ran to her, but by the time I got the cat away he’d already done his damage. He knocked her down face first which caused her to smack her face on the floor. When he landed on her back he dug his claws in leaving 2 small scratches on the top of her shoulder and a 3″ scratch on her right shoulder blade.

Honestly I think I was more freaked out about it than she was. She had a delayed cry that didn’t start for a good minute after I picked her up and started tending to her. I was so freaked out I called everyone I could think of to make sure I was cleaning it and treating it right. I cleaned it with peroxide and alcohol, and I was extremely surprised she didn’t so much as flinch when I wiped it with the alcohol pad. I thought for sure it would sting and make her cry, but nada. Then I covered it with some Desitin Multi-Purpose Skin Protectan after my search for the Neosporin came up empty. I won’t use regular Desitin because it makes Ellie’s diaper rashes worse (and does the same to 3 other babies we know), but the Desitin Multi-Purpose Skin Protectant has become my go to item for rashes, cuts, and scrapes when I can’t find the Neosporin. It’s basically petroleum jelly enriched with vitamins A & D, and I have two huge tubes that were given to me in my baby shower.

I was still boiling over the whole thing when I talked to Hubby and told him what had happened. He was already in a foul mood after tangling with a nest of yellow jackets today (luckily he was only stung twice) and finding out he had to work over tonight, so he was ready to find a new home for the cat as soon as he got home, but I convinced him he may be overreacting a bit. He yelled at me about how I should make sure to trim the cat’s claws more often if I want to keep him, and I responded that I trimmed them LAST NIGHT.  Sure I’m pissed at the cat, too, but I’m not going to get rid of him because he scratched her once, and he can’t blame me for it either. Things like this are going to happen in her life, and I can’t protect her from everything.

Of course the event put Ellie in an even worse mood as well. I finally got her to go down for a nap around 3:30, but it wasn’t to be. Not even 10 minutes later my grandpa (who I’ve repeatedly asked to call before he stops by so he doesn’t wake the baby) knocked on the door and yet again caused the dog to bark and wake her up. I struggled for 30 minutes to get her back to sleep, and yet again as soon as she closed her little eyes my FIL knocked on the door causing Bubba to bark and wake her up again.

I finally got her to go back to sleep around 5:45, and she slept about 20 minutes before Hubby came home and woke her up again. The fowl mood continued from there on out, and I think we were all praying for this day to end soon. It didn’t help that I burned dinner, stubbed my toe so badly on Hubby’s boot that it split open at the nail, and spilled tea all over my netbook.

The day finally ended about 15 minutes ago after rocking Ellie off and on for 2 hours. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping she wakes up in a good mood in the morning because another day like today will have me pulling my hair out. Better yet I’m hoping she’ll just sleep more than 2 hours straight tonight so I can get my stuff done and catch at least a few zzz’s myself.

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  1. Sounds like Alley had a “crazy kitty” moment. Our cats have them all the time and have been known to attack people for no apparent reason. :/ But you’re right you can’t shelter her from that kind of thing. 🙂

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