Preparing My Own Free & Healthy Food

Growing up on a farm I often helped my Mom can and freeze just about anything that can be canned or frozen.  My parents almost never bought veggies, and we never bought jelly as my mom made grape, fig, and muscadine jelly each year.

I spent my summers breaking beans, shelling peas, and shucking corn in preparation for the canning and freezing sessions every few days when my Dad would harvest his gardens, that is when I wasn’t out in the garden helping my Dad with the harvest.  Before we were old enough to help in the kitchen we were always in the garden.  I remember rushing out to help my Dad because he would pay us a penny for every bean we picked.  He’d also pay us a nickel for every stink bug we pulled off his plants and squished since my Dad does everything the organic way.

You’d think that growing up around all this I would retain at least some of the information I needed to can and freeze my own food, but I must have spent more time in the garden than in the kitchen.  I can’t really remember any of it.  I found myself spending some time today looking online to find out how to prepare the massive amounts of okra we have this year for freezing.  My dad has so much the entire family could eat it everyday for the rest of the summer, pack our freezers full, and still have plenty left over.

I also have to start thinking about what I’m going to do with all the pears we’ll have this year.  Our tree that produces every other year was so full year before last that it broke.  This year it’s got even more baby pears hanging around waiting for fall to arrive.  I’m sure the tree will end up breaking again, and I’m going to have so many pears I won’t know what to do with them all.

Early I followed a link, HCG diet Austin, and started reading about a wellness clinic in Austin with weight loss programs. I was on my feeling fat kick again, and I was on the hunt for more weight loss stuff. That’s when it hit me. All I have to do is keep eating healthy, and I have plenty of healthy stuff around me. If I kicked all the junk food out of my life, although I really don’t eat a lot of junk, and lived off the small orchard growing in my back yard I’m sure I’d lose the rest of the weight I want to drop.

There’s still so much stuff in our mini orchard that I’ll never use it all, though. Maybe I should set myself up a little roadside stand in my front yard selling only healthy foods. People in this country would be a lot healthier if they’d choose the healthy options that are all around us instead of all the processed full of sugar, fat, and sodium stuff they find in the stores.