Weather guessing game

I think I’m totally going to give up on trying to get an accurate weather forecast for this weekend.  Figuring out which forecaster is right is practically impossible right now.  I’d have better luck asking my Church of God smoking will send you to hell mother to get me a box of Romeo cigars because all the weather forecasters are saying something totally different.

I just want to know what I’ll possibly have to deal with tomorrow evening as we have to go to a friend’s house for dinner, and I don’t want to get stuck out with crappy tires and baby in tow if it’s going to be nasty out. says we’re going to have a cold and cloudy day with a clear and cold night.  Accuweather says to expect a cold day with rain clearing up and leaving us with a cold but dry evening.  Fox Carolina is calling for 70% chance of rain and with pm snow showers.  WYFF 4 is also reporting a 50% chance of showers, mostly in the afternoon.

My conclusion is that none of them have a freakin’ clue what’s going to happen tomorrow, and I’ll just have to find out when I wake up!  So much for trying to plan ahead!