Alabama Donation Drive update

Good morning!  Today is such a beautiful day, and I can’t wait to get outside.  I have so much stuff to do before that can happen, though.  While the little one is sleeping I want to start off by sharing some photos with you of all the wonderful donations we’ve collected over the last week for the people of Mt. Hope, Alabama.  Donations are still pouring in, and these photos don’t include everything the monetary donations or the stack of stuff that has been delivered to me.  I’ve been so overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the people around us!

Please excuse the quality of these photos.  We’re sorting everything at my Mother-in-law’s house, and I forgot to take my camera with me.  I snapped a few photos with my phone’s camera so I could share.

Donations: Canned Goods & Condiments

We had a little helper when it came time for sorting!  Sorting Boxed FoodMisc DonationsAlabama Tornado Donations- Pet Food & Supplies

Misc Donations #2

It looks like our delivery plans have changed as well. At first I had decided to stay behind with the little one because we agreed it wouldn’t be ideals conditions for a toddler. Now that power has been restored and thing have calmed down a bit, though, I changed my mind. I wanted so badly to be able to deliver all the goods we’ve collected to the families who need them, and I felt like my part of our mission wasn’t complete if I didn’t do so. Life at Ben’s aunt’s house is starting to get back to normal, so I decided it’s okay to take her. That means I get to go as well!

I’ve also been so busy planning and picking up donations that I haven’t had time to gather up all the stuff I plan to send.  Before we head outside I’m going to spend some time going through all the boxes I have set aside to send to Goodwill to see what can be sent to Alabama.  Those boxes contain everything from shirts and shoes to bridesmaid dresses, so I know there will be tons of clothes someone who lost everything can wear. I’ve also got a box of toys to send, and I started working on a toiletries and food items box.

My dad donated the use of his Dodge Ram 2500 long bed and his enclosed 4×6 travel trailer to haul everything down in.  Now our only concern is that it still won’t be enough room!  We are not worried about that, though!  If we have to make multiple trips to get everything to Alabama we will gladly do so!  Yet again I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated to the people of Mt. Hope, Alabama.  I have received comments and emails from family and friends who are so grateful that all of you have gone out of your way to help these families.  You will never truly know how much all of this means to them. 

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