“Wack wack wack”

Tonight we decided to take a break from everything we’ve had going on to go to dinner with my dad and stepmom. Since we were already in town we swung by Big Lots to pick up a few items we needed.  As we headed for the infant/toddler section Ben got a phone call. He was losing reception, so I put Ellie in the buggy and he took off in search for a spot with better signal. If he’d let me buy him a cell booster for his birthday he probably wouldn’t be having that problem. Just saying!

Anywho, we spent a few minutes checking out the diapers section to see if they had any good deals (they didn’t), then we turned the corner to head through the clothing and gift section. Ellie let out a squeal and started fussing to get out of the buggy. She was making such a fuss I let her down to see what she was after. Then I saw it. She’d spotted a Sleepy Time Pals duck aka the off brand version of Pillow Pets. She ran to it, picked it up, and started cuddling it.

Now Ben and I have discussed getting her a Pillow Pet. I know they say for ages 3+, but all her little buddies of the same age have them, and they tend to be the one "toy" she gravitates to when she’s at a play date. I watch my child like a hawk, I inspect all her stuffed animals, and she doesn’t tend to put anything other than food in her mouth. I was a bit leery of getting her one right now though.

No matter how closely I watch her there’s still always a chance one of the eyes could pop off and get swallowed. Then again we all played with plenty of beady eyed stuffed animals when we were kids, and none of us choked to death. Still we decided we’d wait a bit before getting her one, maybe taking her to the store to pick out her favorite one as a gift when she is masters potty training (we’ve been working on it awhile).

Things don’t always go as planned.  She had a death grip on that duck, and no matter what I tried to do to get it away from her she wasn’t having it.  Ben arrived on scene again, and he got her to hand it over.  He put it back on the shelf, and told her we could come visit it again soon.  She wasn’t having it.  She grabbed it again, and hugged it tight.  I already knew we weren’t leaving the store without it unless we wanted to throw down in the middle of the baby isle. 

I admit I’m a softy, and there will be plenty of times I’ll have to stand my ground in the toy isle, but tonight just wasn’t one of them.  Ben gave me the “she’s not leaving here with that thing” look, and waited for me to take it away from her.  This particular brand of pet quacks when you squeeze the beak, and it’s got a press here type emblem to show you where to push it.  Ellie has plenty of experience with talking, singing, and dancing stuffed animals thanks to my Grandma endlessly supplying her with the nosiest ones she can find, so she knew what that dot meant.

She squeezed it, and listened to the duck quack a bit.  Then she looked at Ben with the biggest puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen her use (I swear she turned into a Precious Moments doll for a second), and said “wack wack wack”.  Now my Dad has about 20 ducks, and even thought we’ve tried many times to get her to mimic the quack not once has she done it.  She has other stuffed ducks that quack, too, but yet again she doesn’t pay them any attention.  Ben is convinced she was storing it in her little mind just for this moment lol.  He picked her up with her still holding tight to the duck and said “Okay, she won”, and that was the end of that debate.  If she can melt his heart with a little “wack” I definitely won’t be taking them both down the toy isle anymore!

The whole way home she kept the duck in her lap and “wack wack wacked”.  When we got home she threw her baby dolls out of their little crib set, and spent 30 minutes playing with the duck, putting it to bed in the little crib, stuffing it in the highchair to feed it, and pretending to change it’s diaper.  I walked out of the room for a minute, and when I came back she was snuggling it to her chest, patting it’s head, and whispering “wack wack wack”.  When bedtime rolled around she refused to let it go.  Then I noticed something else.  Normally when she starts getting tired she begs for “boo joo” (to breastfeed).  Even though I’m extended breastfeeding a little while longer I’ve been trying to wean her off the night feedings unsuccessfully.  She pitches an immortal hissy fit if I refuse.  Tonight she never asked for it.  She just picked up her duck and carried it to bed.

I yet again gave in, so I unfastened it into a pillow and let her have it.  She laid down with it, and I sat next to the monitor listening to her whisper “wack wack….wack…waaaaack” until she drifted off to sleep.  Then I slipped into the room and found her curled up with her on her little duck pillow fast asleep.

She’s co-slept with me with pillows in the bed (gasp!) at least half the night since she was 3 months old, so I let her keep it.  I wasn’t waking her up to take it away after we’ve both had so little sleep the last few nights.  I stood there looking at her sleeping peacefully for a few minutes, and I realized something.  Either my little girl really loves that stinkin’ duck, or she’s turning into a duck!  Either way if that darn duck turns into her new nighttime comfort item my boobs will definitely want to thank it!