Put A Stop To It

Ellie and I finally found a few moments during the heatwave to get outside in the pool again.  Contrary to what you might think the pool hasn’t been our safe haven from the heat the last few days because it’s honestly been too hot to get in it.  Maybe if we had an above ground pool it would be different, but we’re stuck with a little pink blow up kiddie pool for now.  It’s big enough for me to stretch out in, so I’ll take it.  If I want to really go swimming we’ll hit the lake.

So, Ben’s off helping Daddy repair my Nana’s well pump, and Ellie and I decided to get in the kiddie pool.  That only lasted about 30 minutes because my aunt has a new dog, and it’s constant barking was driving me insane.  I can’t stand yappy little dogs that look like rats, and that one definitely yaps and looks like a rat.

It’s apparently got the best hearing of any dog I’ve ever known, too.  When we’re in our backyard more than 1000 feet away from her house the yappy little dog still hears us and barks…and it’s inside!  Our bedroom is also on the side of the house closest to her house, and I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since she got the yapper.

The dog is 3 years old, and she got it from a friend at work who said she couldn’t take care of it anymore.  I don’t think the woman wanted to put up with the barking or do anything about it, so she pawned the dog off on my aunt.  I know that’s not the only problems she’s having with the dog.  It’s already torn up carpet in her living room and chewed up her curtain.  I want to drop by with some Dog Obedience Training info for my aunt, but I really don’t want to hurt her feelings or make her mad.  I just want the little yapper to leave us alone.