A Big Announcement

The cat is out of the bag on Facebook, so I guess that means it’s safe to go ahead and announce it here.  We weren’t planning on sharing the news for a few more weeks, but circumstances (aka family gossips who can’t keep their mouths shut) have already spread the news like wildfire.  We’ll be welcoming baby number 2 in June.

As happy as I am to share the news I’m definitely upset I didn’t get to give my Dad the news myself.  We decided to go ahead and tell immediate family because Ellie is already talking about “my baby”. We knew she would spill the news if we didn’t, so we began telling our parents and grandparents with the stipulation that the news had to be kept quiet until we were ready to share it.  Of course that didn’t happen and before I could meet up with my Dad to tell him the news had already been shared with him.  I was upset that the news reached him before I could, but my hormones definitely amplified it.  

But, what’s done is done.  Now the whole family knows, and I decided it was best to go ahead and spill the beans before the news traveled any farther down the grapevine.  From what I’ve heard it’s already spread through town *SMH*, so keeping it quiet doesn’t really matter anymore.  Seriously, after making my Facebook announcement this morning I had numerous people private message me saying things like “I’m so excited! I already knew, and it was killing me not saying anything!” Oh, and these are people who aren’t family, I hardly speak to, or are friends of my parents.  Yeah, apparently nothing can be kept a secret around here.

I’m not going to let it get to me anymore.  I’m going to sit back and patiently wait for my precious baby #2 to arrive, and I’m going to try my best to keep the stress to a minimum over the next few months.  I’m about 6 weeks 4 days if calculations are correct.  We’ll have a better idea after the first ultrasound on October 30.  

I admit I’m a bit scared this go around.  I know this pregnancy could be uneventful, or it could be full of complications.  I know there’s a chance the preeclampsia won’t return, but there’s also a chance it will.  With Ellie my pregnancy was perfectly normal until the preeclampsia came at 34 1/2 weeks.  I didn’t develop Toxemia or HELLP Syndrome, but my case was severe enough for the team of doctors to say I have an increased risk of repeat preeclampsia.  Of course that has me freaked out, but I know all I can do at this stage is sit and wait.  I have great doctors, and I know we’ll be in great hands.  Freaking out a bit is normal and I’m sure to be expected.

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