Time To Buy?

So much is changing right now, and I’m so surprised by all of it.  I never expected us to talk about buying a house right now, but it honestly looks like we’re finally moving in that direction.  We’ve been discussing our options, and I spent some time this morning looking at what’s available in the area we want.  

As much as I love living in my hometown I know it would be better for us to move to Pickens county, closer to Ben’s parents and closer to his job.  It wouldn’t completely cut out his commute, but it would make it a lot more affordable. 

Ben is also contemplating the idea of moving farther downstate to the area where he works.  The upside to that is the amount we’d save on the commute would cover half of our house payment.  The downside is we would be over an hour away from family and friends, so I’m not sure I want to move that far away.  We’ll probably be sticking with Pickens county, and I’m seriously surprised at the price difference.  The homes we’re looking at drop by about $40,000 just by moving across the county line.

 We don’t want something brand spanking new. I don’t need to find indoor floor fountains  and tennis courts.  We want something small that has good bones but needs a little work.  We’re not talking anything major, but if it’s got 70’s wallpaper and flooring it’s right up our alley.  I didn’t marry a carpenter/handyman/harry the soon to be homeowner for nothing.  We can save ourselves a lot of money by buying something that needs updating.  We also don’t need something huge nor do I want to live in anything huge.  I like living in a smaller house.  It’s less to clean, less room to acquire lots of useless junk we don’t need, and less to maintain.

So, yeah, that’s what’s going on right now.  We won’t be rushing out to buy anything right this minute, but the search has begun.  Hopefully one day soon I can announce that we’ve finally become homeowners.