Will Anything Go Right?

I’m starting to feel like I’m totally jinxed.  Nothing is going right these days, and yesterday wasn’t any different.  I had my 11 week appointment yesterday to get the results of my thyroid test and do my ob exam.  What was supposed to be a simple appointment turned into anything but.  

After sitting in the waiting room 45 minutes past my appointment time the office clerk called me to the window to inform me they hadn’t seem me yet because there was a problem.  Apparently they decided to stop taking my insurance between my last visit 4 weeks ago and my visit yesterday.  She didn’t know what to do because she said she didn’t know if my last visit was going to be covered. 


It took another 45 minutes to determine that the policy change goes into effect on December 1, so my visit in October and yesterday’s appointment would be covered.  After that I was pretty much SOL. It wasn’t just for the ob/gyn office.  They are a branch of the hospital, and the hospital’s policy is changing, too.  If I must have a repeat c section I can’t deliver at Easley again.

She informed me I had 2 choices.  

  1. I could become a cash only patient and setup a payment plan.  It would cost me $2600 to cover my prenatal care, and then I would have to deal with setting up a cash plan with the hospital.  
  2. I could be seen for my ob exam as scheduled and covered, but I would be sent home with a copy of my records so I could find a doctor affiliated with Oconee Memorial.

Number 2 is absolutely NOT an option.  The only reason I chose to use that particular ob/gyn office when I was pregnant with Ellie was so I could deliver at Easley Baptist.  I have major issues with Oconee Memorial, and I will not deliver there unless I absolutely have no choice.  I just happened to love those doctors, and since I felt very comfortable there I returned with this pregnancy.  Plus I want the option to VBAC, and I needed to be a patient at an office that will refer to the VBAC doctor in Greenville.

I didn’t quite reach rage mode, but I did definitely hit pregnant hormonal mode.  I broke down and started crying to the office clerk telling her one little insurance change wasn’t just forcing me to find another doctor closer to home.  It was screwing up my whole plan to deliver at the local hospital I trust if I had to do a repeat c or be referred to the VBAC doctor.   She said “Oh, it wasn’t noted on your account that you were considering VBAC.”  

I told her I was more than considering a VBAC.  From the day I’ve had my daughter I’ve researched every option available in our area to have the ability to VBAC.  One reason I liked my current ob/gyn so much was because he fully supports VBAC and doesn’t try to scare you out of it with false claims.  In fact his wife had 3 VBACS, and he delivered multiple VBACS before Easley “outlawed” them at their hospital.

With that she went to talk to the office manager again and pulled my doctor into the conversation.  She came back a few minutes later with a plan.  Almost an hour and a half after my appointment time I was finally seen by my favorite ob/gyn for the last time…or at least for now.  I can always go back for my yearly checkups as a cash patient.

My ob/gyn called the VBAC doctor in Greenville, and although he usually doesn’t see the referral patients until the last 5 weeks of pregnancy he’s going to take me as a patient now.  My insurance is accepted there, so I don’t have to worry about that.  

The downside is that I will have to go all the way to Greenville, a little over an hour away, for all of my prenatal appointments.  It’s an inconvenience, but one I’m willing to deal with to follow through with my plan.  I really want to VBAC, and it’s my only option.  So now I have yet another appointment next Thursday to establish myself as a patient in Greenville, and them maybe we can finally get back on a normal prenatal schedule.

Seriously, June can’t get here soon enough.  I wish we could skip all this mess and go straight to holding my precious little baby.  

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  1. So very sorry, what a horrible day. Thankfully you were able to get another covered doctor for your VBAC. Stay positive, take care

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