Same ‘Ole Excuses

I had great plans to revamp my blog this week and really kick my blogging back into high gear, but as usual something else came up.  Between a trip to Greenville for my new doctor (only to find out old doctor still hasn’t sent my records over!), and lots of sickness things just haven’t gone as planned.  Oh well.  That’s kind of the new norm around here.  I’ll work on finding a new layout and searching for the best suite of analytic tools for this blog later.  Right now I’ll give a quick update on what’s been happening around here.

I had my first appointment with my new doc on Thursday, and I feel so much better now.  There are a couple things I’m going to have to get used to about this particular doctor’s office, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.  For the first appointment I didn’t even see the doctor.  It was basically supposed to be the appointment to establish me as a patient, do the initial blood work, and a pregnancy test.  The NP took me into her office, and we sat down for some one on one time so she could find out my history instead of rushing me through paperwork and out the door.  As soon as I said my previous delivery was by c section she started trying to sell me on a VBAC.  That made me feel great, and I let her know that was the whole reason I had been transferred to their office.  I want the opportunity to try to VBAC so badly.  

What we both discovered was that old doctor still hasn’t sent my records over.  I really don’t know what’s going on with old doctor’s office, but I’m feeling really glad to be away from there now because something is definitely up.  The NP tried unsuccessfully to get someone on the phone to fax my records over, so there really wasn’t much that could be done. 

She started asking questions about my visits with old doctor, and after finding out I’ve already had my blood work, drug panel, thyroid panel, pap, and initial ultrasound at old doc’s office new doc couldn’t do anything that day.  My insurance won’t pay for the same tests to be ran twice, so I basically drove all the way to Greenville for nothing.  

She scheduled me to come in this Friday for my initial exam with the VBAC doctor, but I’ll have to reschedule.  We’re all sick again, and I highly doubt I’ll be able to get there on Friday.  Besides I would prefer to keep our germs at home instead of sharing them with lots of other pregnant women, especially since this is the office that sees all the high risk patients in the area.

We spent this morning at Ellie’s doctor waiting to be worked in for a flu test.  The good news is the flu test was negative, but my poor little girl is seriously sick.  It started with Ben, moved to me, and now it’s her turn…only Ben is now on round two, so I have 2 sick “babies” in the house.  He really is worse than Ellie when he’s sick, but you don’t have to tell him I said that! 😉

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