Baby Weight And Update

Ok, so now that I’ve corrected the issue with my blog not publishing posts correctly let me give you an update to what’s going on these days.  I went to the high risk doctor on Tuesday, and so far everything is going well.  The Labetalol brought my bp back down to a not so risky level.  It was 131/78 at the office, and honestly I’ve been trying to avoid checking it at home.  With my anxiety if I check it because I think it’s up and I start to panic it’s just going to jump higher.  The doctor suggested if I want to check it daily to pick one specific time to check it everyday.  

What sucks is I have to go back next Friday to do all my labs I was supposed to do Tuesday because my protein test got screwed up.  I’m a bit pissy over that because that’s an extra trip to Greenville that could have been avoided, but oh well.  Last week I was sent home with the ‘ole pee jug to do my 24 hour protein test, basically if you don’t know what that is you have to catch all your pee for 24 hours and put it in the jug.  

It’s just I my luck I get to do it all over again because after craving ice water all week I filled the jug at 19 hours.  At least we know my kidneys work!  The instruction sheet the doctor gave me said if for some reason you couldn’t complete the full 24 hours you should write the explanation in the space at the bottom of the lab sheet and turn it in with the jug so the lab could adjust the measurement based on the time frame, so that’s exactly what I did.  So, yeah, I wasn’t happy when the lab tech brought me 2 jugs and said I would need to redo it all over again because she didn’t know how to adjust it.  

It’s not a big deal.  My only problem is that means I now have 3 appointments coming up in a week’s time because I have to have blood work done the day I turn the new jugs in. So I have to drive to Greenville next Friday (the 1st) for that appointment, to Anderson on the 4th for my ultrasound, and then back to Greenville on the 8th for my high risk doctor appointment.  So much for getting a break from all the back to back appointments!

Oh well, I have bigger fish to fry right now like finding more clothes that fit.  In the last 3 weeks I’ve really piled on the weight, so I’m quickly outgrowing my clothes.  I saved all my maternity jeans (aka my I’m going to kill that all you can eat bar pants!), but I’ve already outgrown most of the ones I wore during my last pregnancy.  I know you get bigger faster the second time around, but I so wasn’t expecting this!  I guess it’s time to start shopping for the best yoga clothing for my budget so I’ll have some more stretchy pants to wear!

Here’s my 19 weeks photo, and after comparing pics from my previous pregnancy I realized right now I’m the same size I was at 30 weeks with Ellie!

19 weeks pregnant

I have to keep in mind I was really tiny with Ellie not just because she was my first baby but because of the growth restriction caused by an enlarged placenta and then the preeclampsia.  Plus I started out 7lbs heavier this go around.

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  1. Agreed! I think it’s more a matter of laziness than not knowing how. I was pissed, but there isn’t much I can do about it. They dumped what I turned in, so I’m stuck doing it again whether I like it or not.

  2. I’m confused, how on earth does a certified lab tech NOT know how to adjust the protein test for a shorter amount of time? That makes no sense whatsoever – that’s why those techs go to school to learn to be a lab tech. UGH

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