Man am I worn out tonight.  Today was moving day for my in laws, so we’ve been helping move them into their new house since around 9am.  I didn’t actually do much of the moving.  I packed up some boxes, carried a few boxes that weren’t too heavy for me, and I spent a majority of the time chasing Ellie around keeping her out of trouble.  I was on my feet a majority of the day, and that really wore me out, though.  I have to keep reminding myself pregnant me can’t handle a lot of the stuff normal me can.

We didn’t get everything moved, but we hauled the last load of furniture over and headed home around 7pm.  I took advantage of the coziness of the warm truck and napped on the way home.  I dreamed I was laid up on the beach in Florida taking a nice relaxing vacation.  I think I may have rode around in a pure limo pretending to be a celebrity for awhile, too.  Whatever happened I know I was relaxed and not completely worn out.  I woke up when we pulled into our driveway, and honestly I wish I had stayed asleep in the truck.  I would’ve been more comfortable than I am now sitting on this hard chair waiting on Ellie to fall asleep so I can go back to bed!