When One Door Closes…

This post was written and set to publish on Jan 18, but it didn’t publish correctly. ┬áInstead of re-writing the post I have published it with the original date and will continue updating in another post.

Ben runs into his old boss and picks up a new job hours after my mini job meltdown. He says his luck is changing, and I say all things happen for a reason. I’m just thankful he found a new job so soon, but I’m also ecstatic because this is where we wanted him to be. He’s back home literally working 2 minutes from the house. That saves us $150-175 a week in diesel alone. This job also pays more, so I’m really happy about that!

That’s one less thing I have to worry about stressing me out right now. I also got everything finally taken care of with the old doc’s office. They finally got my records sent over to my new doctor with the exception of the records from my first ultrasound. New doctor’s office said we won’t even worry about those because I have an ultrasound coming up on the 4th they will use. I finally got all the financial crap taken care of with old doctor, too. That’s the good news.

The bad news is my blood pressure is staying steady in the 150s/80s, so I’m officially chronic hypertensive. After the preeclampsia I knew this could happen. I knew my bp could decide to shoot up with my next pregnancy and stay up forever or it could mean I would have bp issues later in life. I’m officially a high risk patient now, and the nurse practitioner started me back on Labetalol yesterday. I’ll go back on Tuesday to see how I’m responding to the bp meds, and from here on out I’ll be seeing the high risk maternal-fetal medicine team. ┬áI guess we’ll see what happens!