I’m Not That Geeky

24 weeks down, 16 more to go.  No matter how uncomfortable I’m getting I’m crossing my fingers we make it the whole way.  Today is definitely a very uncomfortable day.  I’ve come to the conclusion my small frame just wasn’t built for baby carrying.  I don’t remember being this uncomfortable with Ellie, but I bet if I went back through some of my old posts from 2009 I’d find myself whining just as much ;-).

Speaking of Ellie, she has been busy trying to help us pick out a name for her new little sister.  We had settled on Aubrey as the first name before we found out the sex, but we’re still having a very hard time coming up with a middle name.  

Ellie has declared that she will be naming her little sister “Aubrey.com”. Yes, she even sings it to the tune of the Hotwire.com commercials.  I have informed her Mommy may be a geek, but I’m not going that far.  LOL she’s at such a fun age right now, and I’m loving it.  I recorded her running around the house last night singing “Aubrey.com! Dat’s my sissy….ooooh Aubrey.com!”.  I can’t wait to totally embarrass her with it one day.  *evil grin*