Today Is The Day!

Good morning everyone!  We’re getting a late start to our day, but it’s for good reason.  Ellie and I snuggled on my bed for a while this morning watching cartoons while I tried to keep my eyes from looking at the clock every 5 minutes.  That’s because it’s ultrasound day, and that means pending Shuey 2.0’s cooperation we’ll be finding out the gender!  Yay!

Originally I scheduled the ultrasound for 8am so I didn’t have to play the waiting game all day.  Just my luck the office called and had to reschedule for 3:45, so I’m playing the waiting game anyway. That just means Ben will only miss an hour of work in the afternoon to go with me as opposed to the almost 3 hours he would have missed going in the morning.  

Ellie is all excited, too.  I really wish we could take her with us, but I have to have this one done at the hospital, and it’s against their policy.  It also sucks they no longer let you record the ultrasound, so if we want that we’ll have to make an appointment at Vision of Life.  I promised Ellie we would come home with lots of pictures of her “bruddersister”.  She has informed me she thinks “bruddersister” is a “brudder”, so I hope we don’t disappoint!  My gut feeling is we’ve got another little girl in there!