I See Sunshine!

It’s so nice to see some sunshine after a gloomy rainy start to the week.  Ellie and I are planning to get outside this afternoon to enjoy the warmth and sunshine as soon as the housework is done.  I’m waiting on her to clean her room, and being on 3 year old time it could take all day for that to happen.

That’s okay.  While she’s being stubborn I’ll use the time to finish my baby registry (yeah, I still haven’t done that yet), knock out some online work, and catch up with some online friends I haven’t had time to catch up with.  I’m in a great mood today, and I’m not going to let her little stubborn attitude get me down.

Actually I’ve been in a great mood since my usual doctor’s visit on Friday.  That’s when I found out that my latest round of test results show everything is going super great with little Miss Aubrey.  The best news of all is that the protein has disappeared from my urine, so my blood pressure meds have straightened that out.  If protein returns we’ll know it’s more likely to be preeclampsia related, but everything is looking great at this point.  

Baby Aubrey is measuring right on schedule with no growth restriction, and that’s great news, too.  Ellie started showing signs of growth restriction around week 33, 2 weeks before the preeclampsia hit, so the doctors are keeping an extra close eye on that.  

Ok, I guess I need to give up on trying to blog right now because little miss cranky is starting to pitch a hissy fit to blow bubbles.  Oh how simple it would be if she would just throw her toys in the toy box like I asked so we can go outside!  She’s such a stubborn little mini me!