Lack of Accomplishment

I’ll tell ya I’m about ready for this day to be over.  Nothing has gone how I’ve wanted it to today, and I didn’t accomplish anything on my to-do list.  I spent most of the night sick again, so I didn’t really feel like getting much done.  

I had high hopes of working on my blogs this evening after dinner, but that plan got shot to heck, too.  The dog decided to pull a disappearing act by unlatching his lead while he was supposed to be doing his business.  I absolutely hate that we’re not allowed to fence in the yard here, and he’s figured out how to open the snap latch on his lead.  He was outside for 15 minutes before he took off to the creek, and we spent a good 30 minutes running around searching and yelling.  

I finally gave up and left the searching to Ben because my back hurt, and Ellie was freezing.  Ben decided he would ride up and down the road a few times to make sure he didn’t spot him anywhere, so he cranked the truck and came back inside for another flashlight.  When he walked back out to the truck there sat Bubba in the driver’s seat soaking wet waiting to go for a ride.  

Darn dog.  It figures.  I’m so glad we have leather seats in the truck, so the cleanup was simple.  Now Bubba is curled up in front of the wood stove drying off, Ben is chilling in front of the TV, Ellie is “cooking” with her Play Doh, and I’m looking at all the pretty coins on  Hopefully Ellie will wind down soon so I can curl myself up in my own warm spot, my bed.  Tomorrow’s to-do list is now extra long, and I’ve got to get it all done.  I’ve already got a full day of labs followed by my  next ultrasound on Friday, so I don’t have time to put stuff off any longer.