The Award Goes To…

Photo Credit: FH Alexander via Compfight cc

I feel like I should print out a tiny award for mini drama queen of the year and present it to Ellie this morning. She has really improved her performance over the last few days, and I think if nominated she just may come out on top.   She has begun the phase of bumping into things and power sliding across the floor as she screams that so and so or such and such pushed her down.

She pulled that crap on me in the grocery store yesterday. My Mama peripheral vision caught her sneaking a package of cookies off the shelf and into the buggy.  I’m not a horrible mama who refuses all sweets, but she’s not going to get something by sneaking it.  Besides this is avery tight week as far as the grocery budget is concerned, and I can’t afford to blow our grocery money on things like sweets.

I pulled the cookies back out of the buggy, put them on the shelf, and reminded her she needs to ask for things when she wants them.  I know trying to explain “we can’t afford it right now” to a 3 year old isn’t going to work, so I reminded she’s going to help me bake a “Rabbit cake” this week.  It’s a family tradition my mom started to bake a rabbit shaped cake and decorate it with the kids the week of Easter.

She responded with a hissy fit of massive proportions throwing herself to the ground while screaming “Mama dat hurt! Don’t pushes me! You mean!”

Are you kidding me?

Of course the two women standing a few feet down glared at us while they began whispering.  Sure, like their kids never threw a tantrum in public.  It would be one thing if I actually touched my child, but they both watched her whole performance like a couple of nosy hawks.  I feel blessed my child has had so few public tantrums at this age.

The difference between myself and most of the moms I see in the grocery store with screaming kids is this…my kid isn’t going to get away with it.  I hadn’t made it to the cold stuff yet, so I pushed my buggy to the empty area next to the bathrooms and marched Ellie out of the store.  It won’t kill the employees to have to put back the handful of stuff that had made it to my buggy, and the rest of the store didn’t have to watch my child act like a hoodlum.  Once we were in the truck we had a long discussion about what she did wrong and why she won’t go to the store again if she acts like that.

Do you have children that love to flip on the drama switch in public?  How do you handle tantrums and the like?

Photo Credit: FH Alexander via Compfight cc