Running Off

Last Friday as we waited for my ultrasound Ben and I were discussing going away this weekend for a mini family vacation, probably our last chance to do something as the three of us before Aubrey enters our family.  Having a newborn this Summer means we probably won’t get a vacation this year at all if we don’t go now.

We were given tickets to the Shriner’s circus Friday evening, so we thought we could take Ellie to the circus Friday and leave out for a short 2 night vacation Saturday morning.  Ben planned to take Monday off, and we were thinking about going to Gatlinburg.

Ben went to work Monday ready to tell his boss he was taking the day off next week, and plans quickly changed.  He’s getting his time off, but not how we wanted it.  Something got screwed up on the trusses for the house they’re building, so it’s going to take a week to get the new ones in.  He won’t go back to work until next Monday, so while he gets the week off we’ll be keeping our mini vacation money in the savings account to make up for the lack of a paycheck this week.  

Oh well, that’s how life goes sometimes.  If I had all the money in the world I would have booked my dream vacation years ago, but I’ll probably be old and gray before I get to go to any of the destinations I want to visit.  If I hit the lottery I would book a flight for us on saudi airlines tomorrow. I would run off to Cairo, Damascus, or Abu Dhabi for a week or two.  All three are on my bucket list.

For now I would settle for 2 days in Gatlinburg, but I guess that isn’t going to happen either.  This is really the last weekend we could have traveled that far away before the baby arrives.  From this point on I’ll need to stay closer to home and I’ll be starting my weekly and maybe even bi-weekly biophysical exams.  That means it won’t be very easy to get away for even one night if we wanted to.

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