Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I will not apologize for my absence over the last couple of weeks because for once I have the best excuse. I’ve got a perfect little blonde (what little hair she has…dang heartburn was wrong!) munchkin who has kept me too busy to do much other than be Mommy.

Little Miss Aubrey Elyse arrived on June 14 at a whopping 5lb 9oz and 18″ long.


The scary part is that even at her tiny size I had trouble delivering her. She almost didn’t make it out the “natural way”, but the VBAC was successful…barely. I was told if we decide to have another baby I won’t be given the option of another VBAC because I’m just not built for it if a less than 6 pounder couldn’t make her way out.

I’ve also been dealing with a lot of health issues that arose. During labor I developed superimposed preeclampsia. Thank goodness it was a mild case, and everything went well with my blood pressure during the delivery. The problems started when the resident doctor sent me home on 600mg of Motrin every 6 hours. After 2 days at home my bp started spiking, and I wound up back in the hospital when it hit the 190s/100s. Turns out ibuprofen and high blood pressure don’t jive well, and the resident really screwed me up. After 2 more days in the hospital and tons of I’ve fluids we got the Motrin out of my system and me back home.

Now I’m finally getting to enjoy my family of 4. It’s been a bit difficult adjusting to life with 2, but we’re making it happen. I’m sure I’ll be in for it when Ben goes back to work full time on Monday. On one hand I’m happy he’s going back because things have been tight around here, we definitely couldn’t buy krk at musicians friend like he wanted, but on the other hand I’m going to miss having him around to help out. We’ve been tag teaming it all, him taking Ellie while I deal with the baby, so now I have to adjust to handling both of them at the same time. So moms, if you have multiple little ones at home how did you adjust?