She’s Still In There

Surprise…I’m still pregnant.  Okay, so maybe it’s not that big of a surprise for most women to still be pregnant at 38 weeks, but it is for me.  Even my team of doctors are surprised I’ve made it this far without any of the complications we expected.  

It’s like every time something has come up that could be a major issue it has disappeared by the next week, like my super low amniotic fluid levels.  The doctors thought for sure my fluid levels wouldn’t rise back up this late in the game because of my blood pressure medicine, but low and behold at last week’s ultrasound the fluid had increased a good bit.  This week it was even higher, back up to a 7.3, so it looks like we’re good to go until the end!

When is the end?  That’s the big question isn’t it?  I have one more non-stress test and ob checkup on Tuesday if I don’t go into labor naturally this weekend.  At this point my cervix is still closed even though I’ve been having some major bouts of contractions, so I doubt we’ll see her before then.  If Tuesday comes and goes without any progress we’ll have one more biophysical profile scheduled for Thursday.  If Thursday arrives with no bundle of joy I’ll be induced Friday morning, June 14th.  

So, the waiting game is definitely on.  I’m going to finish getting my ducks in a row today. I’ve got some business stuff to take care of, and I need to print letterhead so I can get some notes in the mail reminding a few regular clients that I will be taking the rest of the month of June and all of July off due to the baby.  I don’t need anyone hounding me because they missed the memo!

I’m sure I’ve still got plenty of nesting to do today, too.  For some reason my nesting tendencies haven’t been kicking in until really late at night these days…like almost midnight late.  I think it’s because that’s when things are finally slowing down around here at night, and my brain goes into “omg I have to finish this” overdrive.  Maybe I can avoid that tonight!

Anywho, that’s what’s been going on over this way.  I’m going to add a couple more things to the baby registry then I think I’ll get off the PC for the rest of the day.  I want to go spend as much time one on one with Ellie while I still can, and sitting here rambling isn’t making that happen!