6 Weeks!

I can’t believe I forgot to throw in a quick update on Aubrey!  Baby girl turned 6 weeks old yesterday, and the little chunk has almost doubled her birth weight!  When I weighed her last night in nothing but a thin onesie and fresh diaper she was 10.4lbs!

Aubrey has also developed an intense love for her paci.

I do believe she loves that thing more than me.  Ok, maybe not.  She’s quick to give it up when she realizes the real thing is nearby, but when it’s nap time she ain’t letting that thing go.  She holds onto her paci for dear life, and if I try to move it she will reach out in her sleep to grab it!  I’m so not used to that because Ellie never really cared for a paci.  She used one for maybe a month, and even then she really didn’t care for it.