Picking A Swing For Baby

My last post was about me getting back into the swing of things around here.  Today it’s Aubrey who is getting into the swing of things, literally.  The last few days I’ve been trying to get her to spend time in the newborn swing so my hands are free to get some stuff done around the house like the laundry that’s piling up…ya know the typical stuff. 

Aubrey doesn’t like sitting in the bouncy seat, on or not, and so far the only thing we’ve been able to get her to spend time in is the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper my bff passed along to us when her last baby outgrew it. Let me tell ya I wish I had one of those with Ellie because it’s a lifesaver at night.  Aubrey is a very gassy baby, and she hates being flat on her back, so she refuses to sleep in the pack ‘n play, bassinet, or crib.  The Rock ‘N Play Sleeper keeps baby at an incline but still on their back, so it’s been great for us. It also rocks slightly when baby moves which seems to put her back to sleep if she starts to stir but isn’t ready to fully wake up yet. Plus it folds up, so I can store it out of the way when we’re not using it or take it with us when we travel.

The only issue is I don’t want her spending all of her time (when she’s not being fed/held) in the sleeper, so I’m trying to get her to like other things.  A few days ago I tried to introduce her to the newborn swing, but she wasn’t having it.  We actually have 3 swings, Ellie’s old swing which doesn’t work with newborns, the newborn swing that moves side to side, and a Costco travel swing.  After trying both the newborn swing and the travel swing yesterday Aubrey decided she likes the travel swing.  In fact every time I tried to take her out of it she cried, so she spent a good hour of awake time followed by a 4 hour nap in it.  It looks like we have a winner!

Now I have to decide which one I’m going to take with us tonight if we get to have a cookout at my dad’s campsite at the lake.  It will depend on if the weather allows (which it doesn’t look like will happen), but both fold us small enough to fit in the car and unfold to a size small enough to fit in Daddy’s camper.  Now if I could some cheap ray bans for babies we’d be all set! I know I can’t get Aubrey out in the sun yet, but I would still like to have some infant sunglasses small enough to cover her little eyes. I just need to break down and buy one of those car seat covers that protects them from the elements. We have Ellie’s old cover, but it’s not conducive to this Summer heat since it’s lined with fleece. I’ll pick up one of the hot weather ones next time I’m in town, and I’ll pull the old one out when cold weather rolls around.