Stuck Inside, What To Do

I know this is the rainiest Summer I’ve lived through, and all this rain is driving me insane.  When the almost 2 weeks of nonstop rain ended I hoped we would have a few rain free days, but it hasn’t happened.  We’ve at the very least had a few afternoon popup showers every day right about the time we can finally make it outside to play.  

Ellie hates it as much as I do.  She wants to play in her pool, and I want her to run all her extra energy out.  Neither of us are getting what we want, so that’s left us both cranky.  I think she has managed to play in her pool maybe 3 times all Summer.  We might as well set the dang thing up in the kitchen and let her have at it!  Truth is we’ve been outside so little that I haven’t even bothered setting up the baby’s shade umbrella.  It’s propped up on the back porch waiting patiently to be used.  I had planned to buy one of the Kwik Cabana II sunshade tents so the baby and I wouldn’t be stuck inside all Summer, but with the lack of outdoor time I think that $45 is better left in my pocket for now.  

Speaking of the Sun all this crappy cloudy and rainy weather has reminded me just how crappy our indoor lighting is.  Normally in the Summer I don’t bother turning on most of the lights in the house during the day because I let the natural sunlight poor through the windows.  In my office I have french doors that brighten the whole room, but that’s another thing I’ve been lacking this Summer.  

All these gloomy days mean I’m using the crappy lighting in our house, and I’ve realized just how much our lighting really does suck.  It’s so bad I really don’t think it justifies the increased power bill.  Now that we’ve got some extra cash rolling in I might stop by to see if there is anything on the site I like in the price range I can afford. I think I deserve to treat myself to a new light in my office.  Maybe I’ll save that for later since I need to get some work done while both kids are taking a nap.  I’m still in shock they both went down at the same time!