Enjoying The Beautiful Day

Hello everyone!  Wherever you are I hope you’re enjoying some decent weather. I’m ignoring the fact that the weatherman is forecasting freezing rain at the end of the week and enjoying this beautiful day we’re having today while it lasts.  The only downside to such a pretty day is it makes it hard for Ben to sleep now that he’s a third shifter.  He tried to sleep this morning, but I walked in the bedroom to get my laptop and found him sitting at my desk with the window open researching ebs amps. Then he decided we needed to hit up Firehouse for lunch, and we discovered the rest of the county must have had the same idea.  Ellie fell asleep on the way over, so instead of waking her up I decided to wait in the car with the girls while he ran inside to grab food.  Aubrey got impatient, so I pulled her out of her car seat to people watch while we waited.  She soon got tired of that and decided she was going to drive off without Daddy if he didn’t hurry.  

waiting on daddy

Eventually he returned with food, and after a few bites of pickle she lost the battle and had to return to her car seat.  Of course she protested most of the way home, so when we got here I let her spend a few minutes in the grass before we headed inside to eat.  Mama is willing to sacrifice the warmth of her sandwich for her baby girl’s happiness.  Now that Aubrey and Ben are napping I think I’m going to attempt to take Ellie outside to ride her bicycle.  She got it for Christmas, and the weather this Winter hasn’t allowed her many days outside to play with it.  We’ll see if she can figure out how to peddle it down the driveway without running into the grass this time!