Closing Out 2014

It’s 12:23am here, so that means we’re officially into the last day of 2014 as I type this. I spent some time tonight reflecting on our year, and it definitely hasn’t been the best I’ve experienced. We’ve had some really good moments, and we’ve also had some really bad ones.

I set goals I wanted to accomplish this year that were never met such as getting back into the habit of blogging regularly, and it just wasn’t meant to be. I grossly underestimated how my life would be this year with a toddler and preschooler running around. There have been many times I’ve sat and cried wondering why other moms can juggle the kids, working from home, running a blog, and doing it all while I have barely managed to do half of it. The answer is simple. We’re all different, and our kids are different. No one knows what I go through each day with my rambunctious two just as I don’t know how it is for other moms. So what if I couldn’t accomplish all my “blogging goals” I set? I spent my year enjoying every single moment possible with my girls, and I have loved it all through the ups and the downs. Ellie starts to school next year, and things will be so much different. I’m going to miss having her home with me everyday, so I’m happy to have these moments.

Blogging aside, I set many goals for 2014. Some I managed to accomplish while others are still sitting on the back burner. We had a hard year financially, and that always puts a strain on things. I’m hoping 2015 will bring a more stable financial situation, but I’m not going to cry if we have to buckle down and persevere through a few more rough times.

The last year has shown me how strong I can be when I think I’m at rock bottom and about to break. I’ve made it through situations I never thought I would face, and I endured. I’m a stronger person for it, and I can move on into 2015 knowing I’ve learned lessons and become a stronger person because of them.

I’m just happy to have had the opportunity to spend another year with my loved ones. No matter what 2015 brings I’m ready to face it all. 

Have you reflected upon this past year of your life? If you set goals? Meet them? Fail them? What does the New Year mean to you?