Creating Lasting Memories With Blurb Part 3

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So far I’ve shared the Blurb story  with you and, I’ve shown you all the cool tools and resources from Blurb available to make your own self published books. What’s even more impressive is how Blurb can offer all of these great resources in a beautifully created book made of photo-quality paper for a super affordable price!

Blurb has made a commitment to quality, and that quality is well known by creative professionals like photographers, artists, graphic designers, and architects who choose Blurb from their artistic projects many times over. If the professionals trust Blurb to showcase their work there has got to be something great going on, right?

Blurb Designer Photo Books

Professional-Quality Books and Magazines

Want to create a photo book, a trade book, or a magazine? Blurb provides the creative tools you need to add your own personal style to your projects through a large range of covers, fonts, layouts, paper, and trim size. Blurb provides each customer with several paper options with varying finishes and stock weights. Whether you’re publishing a photo book for your own coffee table collection or a high-end showcase of your work to show future clients, Blurb provides the right options for your project.

Digital Books/Ebooks

Blurb is one of the few book-making platforms that allows its customers to have complete control over creating an ebook. Blurb gives you the option to publish ebooks in both fixed-layout (Apple iPad®-only) and reflowable formats (iPad and Kindle devices). You also have the option to convert any book or magazine you have created into an ebook that can be shared without the need for print copies!


Most of us are looking for the most affordable option when creating our own projects, and Blurb has the frugal customer in mind. Blurb is one of the most affordable book printers on the market today. The handy Pricing Calculator I mentioned in my last post provides an upfront evaluation of exactly what your project will cost based on the options you want to select. 

You also have the option to compare the pricing of different types of books, sizes, and paper options (trade book vs. magazine, vs. ebook, etc.), covers (hard or soft), sizes (7 x 7 vs 13 x 11), paper type (matte, glossy), etc.

Blurb is generously offering you 15% off any book you create from now through 5/30! Take advantage of this offer now!

If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of photos you’re dying to put into a collection you can show off when friends and family come to visit, and this time of the year you may have Spring photos of your kids, prom photos, graduation photos, etc, that are perfect memories for your own book! And if your family is anything like mine, you’ll probably want to take advantage to of these savings to order more books to share!

Plus, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and photo books of the kids or grand kids make great gifts for the Moms in your life!

Need a little inspiration to get started? Stay tuned for next week’s post that will showcase some creative and useful ideas from others who have used Blurb!