Happy Birthday To The Little Man

I’ve spent the last hour doing my nightly chores with a little extra added cleaning because my nephew is coming over tomorrow to celebrate his 5th birthday with the girls. I think it’s an extra bonus for him that his birthday falls on the last day of school this year, so he gets to spend the morning with his school friends and the rest of the day celebrating with his cousins.

Since Xander is my only nephew (and I don’t have any nieces, for that matter) he might as well be my little man, too.

He’s the closest I’ll ever have to a son of my own, and I love him just as much as I love my girls. In fact, he’s the only cousin the girls have, so Ellie considers him more like a brother than a cousin. I think they’re extra close because they’re only a few months apart and have grown up together. They’ll even be starting Kindergarten at the same school together in a few more months. Ellie has been so excited to spend Xander’s birthday with him, and she planned a party for him.

We bought cupcakes (I just didn’t have time to make any), but she was so excited to give them to him she couldn’t wait one more day for his actual birthday. They did the cupcake thing a day early, and tomorrow (well, today since it’s after midnight!) she has grand plans to hang balloons and streamers for a “real” party sans cupcakes but with the addition of playing in their kiddie pool. I think they’ll all have a blast, as the kids always do when the 3 of them are together, and I’m hoping for some worn out kids who sleep well when bedtime rolls around!

I’m hoping for a great day full of beautiful sunshine for the three mini musketeers and the outdoor activities they have planned. I’m going to try to spend the day relaxing and catching up with my sister while we watch the kids run around together. Once Xander’s birthday has passed things are going to get hectic for me. Aubrey’s birthday is next in line, and this Mama has a ton of stuff to make for the party that’s 2 weeks away!