Planning Ahead For A Spring Arbor Addition

When it’s late at night and I’m having trouble sleeping I often let myself get lost in Pinterest. Lately I’ve been searching for building projects I would like my dear ‘ole carpenter husband to complete this Winter that will be ready to enjoy when Spring rolls around. I’ve been itching to fix up the back patio and garden area, but I just didn’t have the time to do it this year. 

Ben will probably want to have a heart attack when he sees the list of things I want him to build, so I thought I would make it a little easier on him by buying some stuff, too. I’m really loving this Home and Patio Decor New England Garden Arbor

vinyl garden arbor

Ben could definitely build me one very similar to it, but I like this one because it’s vinyl. That means it’s very low maintenance, and that’s something that makes me happy. It would look great sitting at the end of the walkway leading to the patio, and it will fit great with the fence we’re planning to put up in the Spring. I can already picture Hummingbird vine intertwined with the pergola style top, or maybe I’ll transplant some of the antique roses that are running across my trellis to the sides of the arbor. It’s not even Winter yet, and I’m already itching for Spring to arrive!