Gadget Grab Review #AsSeenOnTV #sponsored


If you’re family is anything like mine I bet you have a ton of electronic gadgets that you use on a daily basis. Although I regulate how much screen time my kids have, there is almost always a tablet or smartphone in use somewhere.

My husband and I both use tablets for work related tasks, watching movies, playing games, and sometimes just surfing the web when the laptop is otherwise occupied. My kids use the tablet to play educational games and watch movies. I often use the tablet as my cookbook when I want to try something new in the kitchen, and I use the Kindle to read while sitting in the school pick up line in the afternoons. Sometimes the little one and I watch a movie while we’re waiting. Many of those tasks either require being hands free, or I would like the option to set the tablet down like when watching a movie. 

The Gadget Grab electronics holder is a nifty way to use your electronic gadgets hands free. This portable stand attaches to any device with a sticky polymer that securely holds your electronics in place when needed then releases easily when you don’t need the stand. There is no sticky mess, and the grip is secure.


I originally tested the Gadget Grab on the Kindle Fire, and I was surprised at how well it held the device. Once I was finished using the Kindle the Gadget Grab peeled right off the back and left no residue at all. The Gadget Grab folds up and stores easily in my desk drawer until I need it again, so I don’t have to leave the Kindle in a bulky case.

When you purchase a Gadget Grab you will also receive a smaller smartphone version. I really didn’t think I would use it much until my hands free cell phone holder in my car broke. I threw the smaller Gadget Grab in my purse on the way out the door to pick my daughter up from school. The Gadget Grab attached to the dash of my car and held securely which allowed me to continue using my hands free app to use things like navigation and voice commands while driving. I usually sit in the pick up line for 30-45 minutes waiting, so I turned on Netflix to pass the time, and with the Gadget Grab I got to sit back in my seat relaxing without holding my phone the whole time. When we arrived home I peeled the Gadget Grab off my dash, closed it, and tossed it in my purse!

I foresee me using my Gadget Grabs a lot, and because the polymer is washable I don’t have to worry about the “sticky” wearing off.

If you would like your own Gadget Grab you can buy the set for $10 plus you get another set free (plus shipping and handling charge of $4.95 for each set) from The Gadget Grab is also available in major retailers nationwide and online via retailers like Amazon.

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