An UnSeasonable Holiday Season


I love the holidays, but this year something just doesn’t seem right about the holiday season. For starters, it’s way too warm for me to get into the holiday spirit. I mean, there’s just something that isn’t right about picking out a Christmas tree on a sunny day in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops! I broke a sweat helping Ben hang the lights this year, and it wasn’t from all the hard work I did standing on the ground dictating where everything should go. It was just freakin’ too hot for December!

Then there’s the whole issue of sickness. My poor kiddo picked up a bug the first week of school, and we’ve been fighting one thing after another ever since. Her poor immune system and Kindergarten aren’t playing well, and if she makes it through the entire school week without coming home early or missing a day it will only be the 4th time she’s made it all week…since mid-August.


We’ll get her through Kindergarten one way or another, but a cold snap to kill off all these germs sure would help. We’ve all had to go back on our allergy meds. This “Fall heat wave” and all the excess moisture dropping from the sky has our mold allergies doing double time, especially poor Ellie. A drop to “normal” seasonal temps would do so much more than induce that Christmas spirit. Just maybe the cold temps would kill off some of these germs and give my poor sick baby a rest! I would love to send her back to school after Christmas break sickness free…just in time for all the new germs to spread, but at least maybe her immune system could get a break!

For now we’ll keep powering through. We’ll continue our holiday festivities, riding around in shorts and flip flops looking at Christmas lights even though it just doesn’t feel normal, and we’ll head off for another doctor’s visit next week hoping we can finally get through Ellie’s 6 year old wellness check without having to postpone it yet again because it needs to be a sick visit instead. 

How’s the weather for you? We know we definitely won’t be having a white Christmas this year!