Get Childish Drone Review

If you are looking for a starter drone, the Best Drone By Get Childish is a fun option. My husband couldn’t wait to try it out, and he loves it so much I have to pry it out of his hands if I want to play with it!

get  childish drone

The drone comes with everything you need except 4 AA batteries for the controller, and there was enough charge on the drone battery to fly it right out of the box. It is a small, compact, and lightweight drone. The battery inside the drone charges via a special usb cable, and a kit with extra parts and screwdrivers is included.

I was a little worried about flying the drone inside the house, but we’ve been having fun with it inside and out. It is easy to control, and the shape makes it less likely to damage anything if you accidentally fly into a wall…except for maybe the drone itself. I’m a little disappointed with the flimsy plastic, and I feel as if I’m holding my breath every time it bumps into something or crashes waiting for it to break.

My daughters love the alien emblem, and my 2 year old calls it the “alien”. It does look like a little alien spaceship flying through the sky, especially at night with the red and blue lights.

When it comes to flying I feel the learning curve is super small for adults. Both my husband and I were flying it with no problem within minutes. My 6 year old can get it off the ground, but she has trouble keeping it in the air. My 2 year old is happy chasing it around the yard at this point.

The Cons:
-The battery doesn’t last long. The longest we’ve gone on a full charge is about 30 minutes. The charge seems inconsistent and sometimes it will only fly around 10 minutes.
-We’ve had to re-calibrate twice in less than a couple weeks.
-Sometimes we can fly it a great distance from us. Other times it seems to lose signal mid air only a few feet away.
-The plastic is flimsy.
-There isn’t an off switch on the drone itself, so you have to disconnect the battery every time. It is extremely hard to disconnect, and the battery compartment is tiny. I feel like I’m going to pull the wires out of the connector every time I disconnect it to charge or so it doesn’t drain the battery down when not in use. My husband can’t fit his fingers into the battery compartment to unplug it at all!

Overall, we have really enjoyed this drone, and would buy another. It is a fun little toy that allows adults and children alike a flying experience without buying an expensive drone. Check out the short video below to see the Get Childish Drone in action right before dark.