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When I started this blog in 2007 I had just entered the blogosphere and looking for a place to write about anything I felt about putting on my little electronic paper.  I was a young married southern girl without any children who hated my job and was continuously looking for something to make me happy in my little bit of quiet time.  I quickly discovered blogging gave me that little bit of peace at the end of an otherwise crappy day.

I got to share what I was thinking, talk about my favorite hobbies (especially motorcycles), and chat with random people who discovered by blog and decided it was worth the read.  I’ve met a lot of interesting people over the years, and I’m happy to say some of those people have become my favorite people to communicate with on a daily basis.  Some even helped push me into my more “grown up” adult self that I am today.

As I have grown and changed through the years so has my blog.  My earlier posts were full of random thoughts (hence the title, Everyday Randomness) about life in general.  I’ve always loved to share my thoughts and opinions with others, and after awhile I discovered how much I love having the opportunity to tell others about products I’ve tried.  My blog became a place to share product reviews as well as a platform I used to get feedback from others before committing to major purchases

These days product reviews are still a major part of this blog.  I love to share my thoughts and learn what others think about products they have tried.  After the birth of my daughter, Elliana, in 2009 my posts took on a more “mommy blogger” voice (although I loathe the term) because my life went in that direction.  That’s the great thing about a personal blog.  It can be ever changing.  I often look back at some of the posts I’ve written and see how much I really have changed over the years. 

These days you will read about my family, my daughter in particular, and my struggles as I take on life as a first time mom.  This blog has morphed into a blog about my family, and it’s full of reviews of products that reflect my stage of life.  You will find reviews about everything from children’s toys to gadgets that we find make our life easier on a daily basis. 

As my blog has changed into a family blog I have branched out and created another personal blog that pertains to my own personal thoughts and feelings with less family stuff.  Feel free to stop by The Ramblings of Jenn Shuey if you feel like visiting that part of my life as well!

Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful day.  If you have enjoyed what you have found on this blog please consider subscribing to see what future posts may bring!

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