Foto Pherrets: The First Edition

A new domain calls for new memes! This is my first addition of Foto Pherrets. If you want to participate, just head over there, find out what the word of the day is, and find a picture related to it. Today’s word is….MUSIC!


Today’s picture comes straight from a very good friend of mine who happens to be a DJ, so stop by and say what’s up to DJ Whoocares if you get the chance!


1000 posts?

I can only dream about the day that one of my blogs reaches 1000 posts. Even if I posted once a day, that would take 2.74 years! What about the bloggers who have actually reached this milestone though? How many people out there are well over 1000 posts? That’s a lot of blogging!

Bill over at the biz of knowledge has decided to make a top 100 lists of the most Most Prolific Bloggers. He’s always got the top 6 up.