What To Do

You know what I’d really like to be doing right now?  I’d love to be curled up on the couch watching a movie and doing absolutely nothing else.  That’s what I’d planned to do tonight, but my plans were spoiled.  Ben decided he wanted to watch some documentary on Netflix, but I wasn’t interested in it.  I decided to go into the playroom and use Ellie’s tv to watch a Netflix movie myself, but our crappy internet service isn’t letting me.  Ben is hogging most of the bandwidth with his show.  Just about the only thing I can do online right now is exactly what I’m going, blogging and Facebook.  Everything else is out the window.

I could opt for one of the movies I have on DVD, but I’m just not in the mood for them.  I thought about doing some photo editing (lord knows I’ve got plenty of that to catch up on), but my eyes are hurting looking at this tiny screen tonight, and I don’t feel like sitting in the hard wooden chair at the desk to use the desktop.  What I really need is to break down and buy one of those dvi to hdmi cables. I can hook up the pc’s to the TV in the living room no problem, but Ben’s hogging that one. I can’t hook up to the TV in the playroom and relax across the room on the couch while I use the TV as my big screen because it only has the hdmi connection, and unfortunately my netbook only has dvi. Maybe I’ll just go to bed.  That’s starting to sound like the best idea I’ve had all night.

The Art Of Benisms

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at some of the things Ben says.  Since childhood he has always had these words we call “Benisms”.  For example when he was a kid he always said “unger” the house instead of “under” it.  He didn’t have a speech problem.  He just got his words wrong sometimes. 

When we were dating we went to the store one day to buy some grocery stuff.  Being a woman I needed my feminine supplies, so I picked them up as well.  Thankfully he grew up with 3 girls in the household, so they don’t gross him out.  He even picks them up for me without giving me the “eww gross” look.  Anywho when we got home and started unloading the groceries he pulled a box of tampons out of the grocery bag and tossed them to me while saying “here’s your tampads!  Catch!”

Yep, “tampads” became another Benism. 

Today we added another one to the list.  It’s not that he’s using a term he made up, but he just can’t seem to get the name of a certain diet pill right.  He read over my shoulder as I was reading a couple nuphedragen reviews earlier. When we got to his parents this afternoon we were discussing a post I wrote earlier in the day about the side effects of accutane.

He popped out with "yeah, I didn’t like the side effects of that Fahrvergnuegen pill you were reading about earlier! I know I’m fat, but I wouldn’t take it!"  It took me a minute to realize he was talking about nuphedragen, and once I explained what he was talking about we all had a good laugh. 

Elliana’s First Trick or Treat

We took Ellie trick or treating for the first time last night at Liberty’s Downtown Trick or Treat with my mother-in-law and younger sister-in-law.  My SIL was excited because she’s now 15, and she hasn’t really had anyone to trick or treat with in a few years.  Ellie now gives her an excuse to go again. 

Ellie dressed as baby Tinkerbell.  She was going to be a ladybug, but when I spotted the costume I had to have it.  The baby on the packaging could have been her twin sister, and I was sold by the cuteness.  When I first found the costume there were plenty on the rack, but when we went back to get it we lucked up and got the last one.  Because it was such a popular costume I expected to see quite a few babies dressed as Tink, but she was the only one.  There were quite a few older girls in Tink costumes, and almost all of them would spot Ellie and come over to tell her how cute she was.  A few wanted to take a photo with her.

It ran from 4-6pm last night, and we finally made it there about 4:30 after Ellie woke up from her nap.  When we arrived a line of kids were wrapped around the block, but we soon discovered we actually beat most of the crowd there.  I was afraid things wouldn’t turn out so great because it was right around dinner time, and I had a toddler in tow who did not want to stay still.  She hated waiting in her stroller for the long line to move, but I knew if I took her out she’d want to take off running through Downtown.  Luckily things were setup pretty efficiently, so the line began moving quickly.

It only took passing by a few merchant tables to realize one important thing.  There were a lot of  merchants who would spot a baby and ignore it passing the candy to the next kid in line.  I wasn’t the only mother complaining about this as I heard other mothers grumbling about it, too.  There was another baby about Ellie’s age in a stroller right in front of us, and I could see before we’d get to the table which ones were going to ignore the baby.  I ended up taking Elli out of her stroller and walking her to each table. If the person passing out candy tried to skip her I would stand there until she got her candy.

As we were there not to get candy for ourselves but to enjoy our daughter’s first trick or treat this left a very sour taste in my mouth.  I made sure to take note of which merchants were doing this, and they have lost my business.  This was a community even for kids of all ages, and babies shouldn’t be excluded just because they can’t eat all the candy the big kids can.  I was happy to see there were a handful of merchants who knew this and planned ahead for babies.  They had candy for the big kids and packs of animal crackers for the little ones.  Others had safety suckers or sugar free suckers for the babies, and I appreciated that as well.  That way the little ones got to partake just as much as the big kids did.

I also learned Ellie needs a much better candy bucket.  We took one of the McDonald’s Happy Meal pales with us, and it just wasn’t good for a 1 year old.  She was more interested in banging it on the ground and throwing the candy out of it.  I made a mental note to get her a bag that she can’t dump out as easily for tonight’s festivities, and I had to dump her candy into the basket on the stroller as she received it.  If she had more than 2-3 pieces in it at once she wanted to take them out and throw them at people.  Yep, I have a mean little child.

All in all we had a fun time, though, even with the few setbacks and aggravations.  Ellie enjoyed a sucker on the way home, and I’m hoping she’ll be just as excited out there tonight.  I know we’ll have a much better time because we’re trick or treating with 3 other kids in Ellie’s age range.  Happy Halloween everyone!