Keep Your Fingers Crossed

If you have been following my job situation, you know I have been searching for a new job for quite some time. I began my search before Christmas, and I have had absolutely no luck in finding anything. The job market in my area is very slim to say the least. I have been searching for something in an office or computer related field. I’m currently stuck in a manufacturing plant, and it’s just not for me. What can I say? I love computers, and I would prefer to work with them everyday. So, onto my latest news.

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Well Hello Hello

Let me start this blog with a nice introductory post. I’m Jenn, a mid 20’s, married, South Carolina girl. I have a passion for motorcycles and english bulldogs. I have a couple other blogs, two on blogger, one on myspace, but I decided it was time to checkout wordpress. I’m ready to blog about whatever I want, whenever I want without having to conform to a specific subject just to fit it into my blog, so here I present Everyday Randomness. Follow me through all the random events, rants, videos, conversations, and whatever else pops up in my daily life.