Save Up to 90% During BuyCostumes Semi-Annual Clearance Event

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During the entire month of May, BuyCostumes is running a Semi-Annual Clearance Sale where you can grab costumes up to 90% off retail! Stock up while the savings are hot for everyone in your family.

BuyCostumes Semi-Annual Clearance Sale

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore! These days my girls want to wear a costume for everything. I happily oblige when my purse allows because costumes are more than just something fun to wear. Costumes spark the imagination!

With over 400 costumes and accessories for under $10, do you really need another reason to take advantage of this awesome sale?

Here are just a few ways we use costumes year round.

  1. Keep the kids happy with costumes from their favorite character or superhero.
  2. Themed birthday parties are super fun for everyone! I’ll have a household full of little mermaids in a few weeks.
  3. Let kids wear their favorite costume to play dates.
  4. Costumes are a great way to integrate your child’s favorite character into Show and Tell!
  5. Mud runs, fun runs, or other charity events are great excuses to dress up!
  6. Stock up on Halloween costumes in the off season for big savings!

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Growing Up Means Gymboree Shopping Spree

gymboree kids clothing

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After I tucked my girls into bed tonight I set out on a task I’ve been trying to complete all day. This morning I pulled all of Ellie’s clothes out of her closet and piled them up on the couch so I could go through them. She’s had a major growth spurt, and I’ve noticed she’s finally growing out of the 4T category. I’m stoked she stayed in the same clothing size for 2 1/2 years, but I’m even happier she is finally growing again!

Because she’s so tiny at 5 years old she ends up getting a lot of hand me down clothes from her friends who wear larger sizes. I’m thankful for that, but I also think she deserves a few brand new outfits of her own, too. The same goes for Aubrey. She shouldn’t be stuck wearing nothing but hand me downs from her sister, so I set out on the task of sorting Ellie’s clothes into keep, toss (too stained, etc), and donate piles. When I was finished I had a plastic container of 4T clothes that will move to the attic tomorrow for Aubrey, 3 trash bags of donation clothes, and Ellie’s closet is looking rather bare.

I guess that means it’s time to go shopping, so I spent the rest of the evening window shopping on one of my favorite children’s clothing sites, Gymboree.

I love Gymboree clothing because they are well made and last. Plus they have super cute options that fit both of my kiddos!

Check out Gymboree’s new must-see markdowns! The sales are always great, and I love getting free shipping on purchases, too!

I think my absolute favorite thing about Gymboree is the rewards program. If you have a Gymboree Rewards Card you can earn 1 point for every dollar you spend online or in store. You get a $5 reward certificate for every 250 points, and membership in the rewards program is free! I’m all about saving money anyway I can, so the rewards are a great added bonus!

I’ve picked out some cute dresses and outfits that I want to order for Ellie, but I decided to wait until tomorrow to place my order. She’s reached that age where she wants to pick out her own clothes, so I’m going to let her check out the clothing I chose and narrow our order down to the ones she likes. I may go ahead and order a few outfits in a larger size just in case she has another growth spurt over the Summer, and if she doesn’t I can add them to her new school clothes when August rolls around!

Enjoying Thanksgiving in Our Hanes ComfortBlend #HanesFleece

Sporting our Hanes hoodies as a family

It’s no secret I love sweatshirts and hoodies. As soon as the leaves begin to turn it’s officially hoodie weather, and my stash comes out of hiding. In the winter I practically live in them. Because Ben spends most of the cold winter days working outdoors, he’s a big hoodie fan, too. Ellie hates bulky jackets with a passion, so she has grown fond of layering a sweatshirt or lightweight hoodie over her shirt when she wants to go outside to play on cooler days. 

When my family was given the opportunity to try out the Hanes ComfortBlend line I was absolutely ecstatic. Thank you for feeding my hoodie addiction! The ComfortBlend line is great for our family not just because we all love to wear sweatshirts and hoodies. They are soft, comfortable, and most of all affordable on our tight budget! That’s a big plus when you have constantly growing kids who need new clothes in the middle of a season.

I’m impressed with how soft the inside of each piece is even after washing them. I’ve dealt with my fair share of fleece hoodies and sweatshirts that felt soft at first but turned scratchy after washing. These definitely hold up! I also love that all the items in the ComfortBlend line are tagless, so I don’t have to worry about cutting tags out. It can be a real pain when you plan to save something as a hand me down for your next child but you cut the tag out and forget what size it is! I also love that the women’s hoodie is cut in a figure flattering shape, so it’s not bulky at all, but the downside is it doesn’t have a drawstring for the hood.

Chilly Thanksgiving Day was the perfect opportunity to sport our Hanes fleece as a family.

stack of Hanes Comfortfit Hoodies

It was a cool 37 degrees when we ventured out for our first family Thanksgiving celebration, so I dressed the girls in clothes that wouldn’t be too hot later in the day and added their Comfortblend Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirts as the final touch to keep them warm without feeling bulky.

Ben and the girls headed outside to play while I got dressed, so I took advantage of the opportunity to grab a photo while Ben and Aubrey watched Ellie ride her 4wheeler around the yard.

Outside in Hanes hoodies

Then we headed out for our first outing of the day, Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents’ house. It was so cold I was thankful to have both my fleece sweatshirt and zip up hoodie on today!

Sporting our Hanes hoodies as a family


When it was time to head to family dinner #2 with the in-laws the temperature had actually dropped instead of risen, but none of us were complaining inside our cozy hoodies.

family outing in Hanes 

Overall we are all very pleased with our Hanes Comfortblend gear, and we will definitely be purchasing more items in the future. Check out the entire line of Hanes products if you’re not already a fan because there is something to fit everyone in the family!

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