Hanes Giveaway

I don’t have kids, but I sure do have a lot of friends (online and offline) with kids, so I want you all to know about a contest going on over at I’m Not Just A Mom…I’m A Home Mom. She’s giving away a HUGE assortment of Hanes clothing for kids! Seriously the list of stuff in this giveaway is absolutely unbelievable, and you could be the lucky winner! It’s really easy to enter, so head over to the Hanes Giveaway to find out how. Just keep in the mind the contest ends October 26 at NOON EST, so get your entries in quick!  You better believe if I had kids I would be entering right now, but because I’m kid-less I’ll leave this one for a lucky mom or dad to win!

Ultra Thin Clothes By Kate?

mosswind2_468×693.jpgI’m not one who’s big on fashion, and I definitely don’t normally talk about celebrities, but when this story caught my eye, I felt the need to say something about it. Kate Moss has developed her own clothing line shortly after her last trip to rehab. What’s got me so fired up over these clothes? The clothes won’t cater to most of the females in the world today. This clothing line will only be produced in sizes 0-6. I am by no means fat at 117lbs, but I wear anywhere from a 7-10 depending on the cut of clothing, and I’m short. I can think of many perfectly healthy girls I know right now with cheerleader/model type bodies who wear an average size of 12/14 because they are tall. They are proportional, not fat.

In a world where the image of super skinny waif thin models is starting to fall, we’ve got one of the top models of the decade telling us we need to be a 0-6? Maybe it’s her bad diet, or maybe it’s all those drugs she pumped into her system to stay that thin, but it’s definitely a seriously bad move on her part. Kate Moss already lost role model status in my eyes when she took off on her cocaine binge, but the fact that she’s openly catering to ultra thin girls makes me sick. Maybe someone needs to feed her a few extra cheeseburgers, stack a little meat on her protruding bones, and teach her what it’s like to be a normal woman instead of a skeleton.

I read another article about the launch in London that I think may be interesting to some of you. Apparently there were quite a few disappointed shoppers who waited in line for 5 hours only to discover the clothes were all cheaply made, weird colors, and didn’t fit well at all. This is just another reason why I’m glad I don’t get jerked up in the fashion frenzies. I’ll stick to my overly baggy comfy t shirts and jeans, thank you very much!