#Grillfella BBQ Wok Review

grillfella bbq wok

I received a free GrillFella BBQ Wok in exchange for my honest opinions.

Grilling happens almost on a weekly basis in our house, and cold weather doesn’t hold us down. We’ve been lucky to have a pretty warm Winter, but we even had a BBQ party in the middle of the snow last year. What better way is there to keep warm while we watch the kids run around in the snow, right?

Ben loves to man the grill, but lately he has turned grill duty over to me when it’s time to put the veggies on. I don’t mind grilling, but it can be a hassle when I’m trying to fix other food items in the kitchen and wrangle two kids. It would be much easier if he would grill everything, but he has an issue with the vegetables. They aggravate him because they fall through the grill, and we often end up losing at least a third of them. 

Now we have a solution to our vegetable woes. I just tested out the GrillFella BBQ Wok, and it’s just what we needed. This vegetable grilling basket keeps all of our vegetables safe and secure without worrying about them falling into a bed of charcoal. The included separator allows you to create multiple compartments inside the wok which is great for my picky eaters who won’t eat anything that has touched an onion. This also means you can grill vegetables on one side of the BBQ Wok and smaller chunks of meat on the other without the two mixing.

grillfella bbq wok

Originally I sliced up our peppers and zucchini into separate compartments, but I ended up removing the divider. This gave us room to toss the veggies around, and the high sides of the GrillFella kept the veggies from falling out. I like my vegetables to be caramelized and mushy almost to the point of no return, so Ben left them on the grill in the wok while he grilled our chicken. Then he placed the divider back into the wok and used the then empty compartment to transport the grilled chicken inside. This saved me from dirtying an extra platter for the chicken.

grillfella bbq wok

Needless to say GrillFella has a new fan! If you’re looking for a solution to keep your veggies safe and secure during grilling I highly recommend giving the GrillFella BBQ Wok a try.

Adorable Cactus Cupcakes

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I’ve been looking for ideas Ellie’s upcoming Sheriff Callie birthday party, and I think I’ve finally settled on a theme for our cupcakes. How cute are these cactus cupcakes from fabulous-fetes.blogspot.com?

fabulous-fetes cactus

I’m not sure I can pull off cactus cupcakes that look so adorable, but I’m going to try my best! I love that these cupcakes are baked in mini Terra Cotta pots. I’m going to use a #18 tip from my Wilton Deluxe Decorating Tip Set, and some pink fondant for the flowers. I’ll update with photos as soon as I get a chance to make these! 

Honey Do, Soup, and Deer

It may be 11:20pm, and I may be sitting down for the first time all day, but I’m going to have some me time dang it!  Both kids gave me fits tonight when it came to bedtime.  Aubrey is having tummy troubles, and Ellie was scared of the howling winds.  I admit I’m not exactly a fan of the howling winds either, and I jump every time the screen door on the front door slams. 

*Pauses to add “fix screen door latch to Ben’s honey do list!*

Now I’m going to enjoy the last 20 minutes I have of peace and quiet before Ben gets home from work.  That means Hart of Dixie is getting cleared off the DVR as long as neither kid wakes up to interrupt, and I’m enjoying a late night bowl of “Chicken Whatever” from the crock pot. 

Yes, I said “Chicken Whatever”.  We dubbed it that because we all have a hard time choosing between chicken noodle, chicken pot pie, or chicken and dumplings.  Chicken Whatever is all of it combined.


Honestly I don’t really have one.  It’s just chicken soup that really does get whatever is available.  Throw in a can of cream of whatever’s in the cabinet, whatever frozen veggies are hanging out in the freezer, some cooked and cubed chicken (great use of leftover rotisserie!), a cup of whatever noodles I have, whatever seasonings I feel like using (most of the time it’s s&p, garlic, and Italian seasoning) and some chicken stock.  I’ve even drained the broth from a can of chicken noodle, mixed with a little water, and used that when I ran out of stock.  Sometimes I’ll throw in potatoes or rice or both.  A couple hours before serving I throw in biscuit dough or mix up pancake mix for a dumpling.  See…whatever!

And this is where I just took a very long break and all my plans for the evening changed because Ben called to say he just took out a deer with the truck.  Truck is okay, Ben is okay, deer didn’t do so well.

Now that I’ve had that break and my plans have changed I think I’ll give up on my night to myself and head to bed.  All I can do is try again tomorrow!