I’m Such An Emotional Mama

I’ve been super busy getting my oldest ready to start school and dealing with all the emotions that come with sending your 1st born off to Kindergarten. I thought my emotions would settle back down some when the stress of back to school shopping and getting everything in order was finished. I didn’t think I would be that mom who is bawling her eyes out as she watches her kid walk through the doors of the school for the first time.

The truth is I’m still a total emotional wreck with tears flowing, and she won’t walk through that door until tomorrow morning! Geez. Someone please tell me it gets easier. I already foresee all the empty boxes of tissues I’ll be cleaning out of my car as she exits the car every morning.

Ellie has been my little sidekick practically glued to my hip for 5 years, and as sad as I am to see her go I know there is a whole new future out there waiting for her. Even though she swears she already knows she’s going to hate school, she’s absolutely going to love it. She loves to learn, and she has no idea what great learning adventures are in store for her.

And my poor little Aubrey is going to be devastated when she realizes her sister is no longer here all day. My girls have never been apart more than a couple hours. If Ellie leaves for a couple hours to spend some one on one time with my grandparents next door or to play with her cousin down the road Aubrey goes into a major fit. No matter how much I try to distract her, Aubrey wants to stand at the french doors and call for Ellie until comes back home.

I know it’s going to be a huge adjustment for all of us, but as Ellie enters this next phase of independence I’m looking forward to all this one on one time I will get with Aubrey. I wish my babies could stay babies forever. Watching them grow is such an emotional journey, but it’s one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Snug Silicone Baby Bibs Review #sponsored

snack time with snug silicone bib

I received free product in exchange for my honest opinions. Affiliate links included.

I have a love-hate relationship with bibs. As much as I want to protect my children’s clothing, the cloth ones do no good. Messy foods soak through them and end up ruining the clothing anyway. My youngest has a hate-hate relationship with bibs. She learned how to jerk them off the second I put them on before she could eat solids, and I’ve struggled to find a bib that would both protect her clothes and be impossible to remove.

We’ve been using the Snug Silicone Baby Bibs for a few days now, and I have to say these are some of the best bibs we have tried. The multipack features 3 bibs available in either “boy” or “girl” colors. Of course, we chose the girl colors, and we received one each in pink, purple, and light green.


Snug bibs are made from waterproof silicone that protects clothing and is super easy to clean by rinsing or wiping clean. Each bib features an adjustable neck strap in a pearl bead design, and a pocket to catch falling food. Even my daughter, the bib hater, is loving this bib. She thinks the pearl neck strap looks like a necklace, and she tells everyone she’s wearing her new necklace. We’ve also discovered the food pocket does more than catch snacks. It’s sturdy enough to hold crackers and snacks, and she gets a kick out of wearing it as a snack cup.

snack time with snug silicone bib

I only have one complaint about the Snug silicone bib. The neck strap is attached to the bib with a connector that can come off very easily if the child is big enough to tug on it. The packaging even states to push the connector back into the bib and twist to secure if it falls off, but twisting does NOT make it secure.

The connector is about the size of a penny making it the perfect size for a choking hazard, especially with my 2 year old who loves to put anything she can get her hands on in her mouth! I have to keep a super close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t pop the thing off and swallow it.

snug silicone bib choking hazard connector

With a redesign of the connector to make it more secure, this would be the perfect bib as the connector issue is the only thing holding me back from completely loving it.

Surviving The Terrible Twos


A few days ago, 10 to be exact, my precious baby girl turned 2. You know how people always like to ask, “How do you feel now that you’re,” *insert appropriate age here*? I think Aubrey decided turning 2 makes her feel like being a little brat, and she decided to bring on the Terrible Twos with a vengeance!

From the time Aubrey was able to interact with us we have called her the Sour Patch Kid because she reminds us so much of the sour then sweet candy. She has this habit of doing something “bad” then turning around and giving you the sweetest smile and lots of kisses; like the time she randomly decided she wanted to try to rip my nose off my face then covered it in kisses! 

The last 10 days have been full of lots of “sour” without much “sweet” to follow. In fact some days she’s been down right evil. Don’t let that innocent little face full you!


Today, as the girls were playing in their room with their 5 year old cousin, Xander, I heard a scuffle followed by a scream. I looked up from the load of laundry I was folding across the hall to see Aubrey holding her much larger cousin down and beating the crap out of him while my 5 year old Ellie attempted to pull Aubrey away! I immediately ran in, pulled her off him, and scolded her. Aubrey proceeded to laugh in my face with an evil little “muahaha”! According to Ellie, Xander was sitting at their table waiting for her to “cook dinner” on their play kitchen when Aubrey quietly sat her baby doll down across the room and pounced for no reason. 


I’ve got my hands full with this one! Aubrey has also decided in the last few days that pinching and biting are super fun.

Oh joy.  

It’s time to nip this stuff in the bud right now, but watch out future boyfriends. I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a package of dynamite who can hold her own! She’s rough, tough, and has the attitude to match masked behind a sweet and innocent phase that will melt your heart.