I just got off the phone, and I’m so relieved I was able to get an appointment with the OB/GYN I’ve been wanting to see.  This is the stage where I’m playing the “hurry up and wait game”, but at least now I know I’ve secured my first official prenatal appointment for April 16th.

I had fully planned on using one of the doctors in my area, and last week I started going down the list of phone numbers the health department gave me.  I spent 2 days making phone calls and not once did someone in any of the offices answer the phone.  There are 3 different health care centers with a total of 9 doctors in our area, but all of them had messages up that they were either closed, not taking patients, or the phone just rang and rang with no answering service.

I talked to my friend this weekend about her OB/GYN, and I came to the conclusion I’d like to give her Doctor a try.  I would prefer to have a female doctor anyway, and here my choices are very limited.  I also would prefer to deliver in Easley Hospital instead of our local hospital which scares the living day lights out of me.  I know how things work there.  I shadowed doctors there in both the ER and L&D for 6 months, and I was scared by many of the things I saw.  I do not trust that hospital at all.  By going with Dr. Beasley, she’s based out of Easley and delivers at Easley Hospital, so I’m very happy with that.

Now I can’t wait until my first visit because I have a feeling I’m farther along than I think.  My mom and grandma both agree with me, and my mom swears I already have a bump.  I tried to tell her I’ve had a bump for years without the baby, and my tummy flab didn’t just magically go away in preparation for a new bump.

I do feel like I’m a little farther along than 6 weeks though.  All the online calculators say I’m 7 weeks where as the health dept said I should have hit 6 weeks yesterday.  The signs and symptoms I’m having all seem to go along with all the 10-12 week stuff in my pregnancy books though.  Oh, and my pants don’t fit anymore.  I wasn’t expecting things to start getting so tight so soon, and I definitely didn’t think I’d have to start unbuttoning my pants by now.  I’ve only gained 4 pounds.

Ok now I seriously have to go find myself something to eat, and I have to force myself to eat it.  All this talk about weight is working as an appetite suppressant, and I can’t let that happen. I may not need to shovel it in every second of every day, but I do need to make sure the baby has a nice healthy lunch today.

Maternity Advantage: I Smell Ripoff

I know I’ve talked about nothing but baby talk the last few days, but you’ll have to excuse me for that.  It’s the only thing that’s on my mind constantly, and I’ve realized how much I have to do!

A couple of friends have suggested that instead of setting up an account with the hospital we check out Maternity Advantage because supposedly they save you 30-50% off your final bill, then they setup payments for you.  I requested some info a few days ago, and today I got a package in the mail.

It took all of 2 seconds for me to say no way am I falling for this total ripoff!  First of all there’s a start up fee and monthly fees.  I knew there would be fees involved, but I wasn’t expecting what I found.  The packet didn’t list the fees, so a quick Google search pointed me towards $100/month fees with $199 startup fee.

I’m sorry but that’s not really saving me anything at all is it?  The company claims they may be able to save me 30-50% on my hospital bills, but there’s no solid guarantee they can do that.  Why would I pay them $1099 over the 9 month period when I can put that $1099 towards my account at the hospital?  Better yet since I’m paying out of pocket why don’t I use that $1099 towards my prenatal care right now while I need it?  That’s just for the first 9 months.  I’m assuming (even though it doesn’t say) that the fee also applies every month until you pay off the account.

I honestly think I’ll save more by setting things up with the hospital ahead of time.  They offer a sliding scale system that charges based on your income level, and there is little to no interest depending on the type of account we setup.  I’m going to be spending enough money as it is, so why in the world would I want to throw away so much cash for a program that really guarantees me nothing?

Pregnancy Emotions

I’ve been so frustrated for the last 2 days, and I keep trying to tell myself I need to take a deep breath and realize that my hormones are going crazy right now.  I know things are going to put me on edge, I’m going to have mood swings, and I’m going to deal with a ton of feelings I’ve never had before.

I guess I just wasn’t expecting my emotions to pile up until I had a massive blow up last night.  It started when we visited a friend last night.  We were discussing baby stuff, and the issue of Medicaid came up.  She was asking questions about if I’ve applied yet, etc, and when I told her we don’t qualify she tried to argue with me about my own finances.

Yes I will be applying for medicaid anyway because if something were to happen to Hubby’s job we’d already be in the system.  Right now we definitely don’t qualify though.  We’re in the in between category because we make too much for Medicaid, but we aren’t offered insurance through Hubby’s work nor can we afford private insurance.

I fully plan on setting up a payment plan with the hospital and paying for all prenatal care out of pocket, but I don’t think it was any of her business to ask me how we’re planning to pay for this let alone argue with me about it.  I think paying the hospital bills for myself and my child is the responsible thing to do, and I’m not going to try to play the system just so the government will do it for me.

I never thought something could upset me so much though.  Wow I really have to get used to these mood swings and emotions.  Things didn’t end with the Medicaid discussion though.  I was so upset I asked Hubby to leave immediately.  When we got home I talked to another friend who just added to the emotions.

I know we’re going to spend our child’s live dealing with people who want to tell us how to do things.  Everyone has an opinion about something, and everyone thinks their way is the right way.

My friend suggested that we start buying a pack of diapers every week, and I informed her we only use disposable diapers for the first month at most, then we will be switching to cloth diapers.  I’m not talking old school cloth diapers because I don’t have the patience for that.  I explained about the bumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz type cloth diapers.  I’m all for using cloth diapers because not only will it save me money, but it’s environmentally friendly.

As soon as I mentioned the cloth diapers I was immediately told there was “no way I’d do that” and “you’ll throw all that money away because you won’t use them.”  I said yes I would use them, and that’s the only thing I plan to use because that’s what I want to use with my child.  Her response was “well if those things are so great why don’t you see people using them all the time?  I don’t know one person who uses them, so they must not work.”

Rather than argue with her over it, I just hung up the phone.  My emotions were on edge, and that pushed me into my first major pregnancy hormonal cry session.  I cried to Hubby for a couple hours over how inconsiterate people can be, and why did these people feel the need to tell me how I’m going to run my life and take care of my child.  I’m learning quickly these emotions are nothing like anything I ever expected to deal with.