Just A Little Sleep

I find myself very thankful that I haven’t had a lot of pregnancy symptoms to deal with over the last few weeks.  I’ve only been sick 3 days out of the whole month, and even those days weren’t that bad.  I’ve mostly dealt with the cramping and a flip flop of tired to insomnia.  I should be very thankful that I’m not extremely sick, and I know it could be a lot worse.

I already have a pretty weak stomach, so I expected smells to bother me at least, but so far I’m good. My prenatal vitamins haven’t made me sick either, and I’m very thankful for that because everyone told me they’d make me sick as a dog…even the nurse told me to double up on Flintstones if I got sick.

My only complaint is that I wish this insomnia would let me be.  I toss and turn all night because I can’t get comfortable in the bed with Hubby.  I stay cold while he’s laying there sweating under my massive pile of blankets.  We play the game of him kicking the covers off and me piling them back on all night long.

Last night I wore my flannel PJ’s to bed, and tossed a couple of the blankets for his sake.  I was eventually able to find a comfortable position that didn’t set my boobs on fire, and I drifted off to sleep.  Unfortunately it didn’t last long.  I woke up about 45 minutes later because Hubby was snoring so loud I couldn’t stand it.  Hubby does snore loud, but his snoring has never bothered me before in 5 1/2 years of marriage, so I have to think it’s something pregnancy hormononal that caused it to drive me insane last night.

After tossing and turning until 4am, I finally just moved to the couch.  I propped myself up on my back with a pillow under each arm, the only way my boobs can stand for me to lay right now, and I managed to drift in and out of a light sleep until Hubby left for work at 7am.

Now my body feels so tired, and it would be super nice to try to sleep a little more, but it’s not going to happen.  I have an appointment this morning at the health department to go over my choices for prenatal care, discuss which hospital I prefer to use, etc.

The Official Announcement

I admit I haven’t done a great job at keeping my secret a secret, but that’s mostly because I haven’t wanted to.  I’ve wanted to tell the world, but Hubby and I agreed not to blog about it until we told all of our parents, mainly because I know my Dad and sister both have access to my blog, and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate finding out that way.

So yes, it’s official.  The parents have received the good news, and I can finally announce that we’ll be having our first child around the end of November.  It’s too soon to have an estimated due date yet because I’m not far enough along for the first doctor’s visit yet.  By my own calculations I’m guessing I’m starting week 6 right now.

I know many people choose to wait until later on in the pregnancy to share the good news, but we honestly just couldn’t do it.  Before we didn’t share the news, so when the miscarriage happened we didn’t have support from our family and friends.  We had to deal with it on our own.  This time we discussed waiting at least a few weeks to share the news, but we’re both extremely impatient, so we decided it best to go ahead and tell.  If anything does go wrong we’ll be greatful in knowing we have our family and friends to turn to for support.

I know my life is about to completely change forever, and I admit I’m still a little in shock.  I’m absolutely scared out of my mind and overjoyed at the same time.